08 Aug


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1st Place F-Feature  Rachel Mummey/The Herald  Caption: Laughter forced Tyler Herzog of Jasper, 12, to pause from hauling his brother Joey, 10, and sister Cadi, 7, on a sled through a trail of jumps hidden by his father Randy Herzog's corn field along 190S in Jasper on Monday. The jumps stay year around, even during the growing season, so the kids have something to occupy their time. 1st Place GN-General_News  Patti Blake/ The Star Press  Caption: Saly Harker holds her son Gabe, 9, as he cries. Friends and classmates of Logan Anthony Armendariz attended a special gathering at the Daleville Elementary School on Aug. 7. Students were able to write messages to Armendariz and talk to counselors. 1st Place S-Sports  Robert Franklin, South Bend Tribune  Caption: Edwardsburg's Jack Bywaters, center, fumbles the ball into the end zone as he is brought down by Otsego's Try Pfeiffer, left, and Ben Cole during the Edwardsburg vs. Otsego high school football game on Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013, at Edwardsburg High School in Edwardsburg. The fumble was recovered by Edwardsburg for a touchdown. 2nd Place F-Feature  Matt Detrich/Indianapolis Star  Caption: Twins sisters Kourtney Lechner, 8, and Karly Lechner of Kokomo laugh uncontrollably while riding the Silver Streak on the midway during the Indiana State Fair on Saturday, August 17, 2013. 2nd Place GN-General_News  Charlie Nye  Caption: A homeless woman evicted from her tent in the "Irish Hill" homeless camp at the corner of East Maryland and South Davidson streets on Monday morning finds some nearby shade for herself, her dog and some items she salvaged, including water, as the city hauls away the tents, furniture and waste from the camp, background, on Monday, August 26, 2013. 2nd Place S-Sports  AJ Mast, Independent Photojournalist  Caption: Indiana's junior Patrick Doody, left, celebrates with teammate Tommy Thompson after scoring the go ahead goal to defeat SMU in their season opener 2-1 Friday, Sept. 6, 2013.
3rd Place F-Feature  AJ Mast, Independent Photojournalist  Caption: Child plays in a fountain sculpture at St. Louis City Park Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2013. 3rd Place S-Sports  Matt Detrich/Indianapolis Star  Caption: Fishers player Simeon Foster screams as he and his teammates take the field to play rivals HSE at Fishers High School on Friday, August 30, 2013. HM Place F-Feature  Rachel Mummey/The Herald  Caption: Dance Company No. 1 dancers from lower left, Rosa Balducci, 17, Kristina Low, 17, Janina Grobe, 21, Elisabeth Honig, 20, Katrin Muller, 16, Raffaela Kraus, 17, and Melissa Buttlar, 18, all of Augsburg Bavaria, Germany, shared a laugh while stretching before learning Jazz style dancing at Dance Central Academy in Jasper on Thursday.  The dancers, who are staying with host families while in Jasper, will teach polka and German dancing during Strassenfest.