Jan 2006 Clip Winners

Indiana News Photographers Association Clip Contest for January 2006

JUDGE(S) NAME: Picture editors Andrew Johnston and Maggie Walker. Photographers Candice C. Cusic and Heather Stone.

PUBLICATION: Chicago Tribune



CREAM OF THE CROP: First place General News, Frank Oliver, Journal and Courier. Parents’ tender moment at their soldier son’s flag-draped casket takes the prize.


1st place: Frank Oliver, Journal and Courier. Parents’ tender moment at their soldier son’s flag-draped casket.

2nd place: Denny Simmons, Courier and Press. Nice emotion/moment captured at this soldier deployment event. Nice foreground background composition.

3rd place: Don Knight, The Herald Bulletin. Nice spooky image of firefighters training in a smoky hallway with headlamps and flashlights. Well shot.


1st place: Tim Bath, Kokomo Tribune. Excellent job in capturing police pursing suspect with pistols drawn.

2nd place: Tim Bath, Kokomo Tribune. Well-shot fatality even though cops just investigating afterwards.

3rd place: Joe Harpring, The Republic Liked the news a bit more than the way it was shot. Had to wonder if there was perhaps a little more of a creative approach to shooting this covered bridge collapse. That said, still a nice spot news image, especially with the onlooker present.


1st place: Justin Rumbach, Courier and Press. Just a terrific moment of kids being kids from what appears to be a fairly typical schools assignment/story.

2nd place: Justin Rumbach, Courier and Press. Another pure moment from Justin, nice. This time he captures the fleeting moment just before boys wipe out their ATV. Ouch.

3rd place: Bob Gwaltney, Courier and Press. A strong image of a student playing Frisbee before he performs at a music competition. Excellent work in not relying on the obvious.


1st place: Jim Rider, South Bend Tribune. Great no foul basketball moment where shooter’s head is battered pretty well. Nice crop.

2nd place: Jason Clark, Courier and Press. Basketball coach hides under his sweater shot from a fresh, in-the-stands angle.

3rd place: Matt Detrich, Indianapolis Star. Strong big-play in the end zone. Nice non long lens action, btw.


1st place: Joseph C. Garza, Tribune-Star. A couple too many images in total, but nonetheless a very well-shot little story on a library cat. Loved the shot of the cat at the fast-food drive-through on its way home.

2nd place: Frank Oliver, Journal and Courier. Well-seen; Nice variety of lenses, Loved the main photo on this page on high school art.

3rd place: Christopher Smith, The Times of Northwest Indiana. Though a too repetitive (all images made at a hospital), A few photographs elevate this story. The lead picture is a wonderful image of the sick boy simply waiting in his bed ⤳ nice, subtle moment. The touch with the doctor is very nice and the nurse comforting the boy as he enters the MRI is well seen.