Feb 2006 Clip Winners

Indiana News Photographers Association Clip Contest for February 2006

JUDGE(S) NAME: Jud McCrehin, News photo editor Kate Patterson, News photo editor Evan Eile, News photo editor




CREAM OF THE CROP: Matt Detrich, The Indianapolis Star (see below for comments)

GENERAL NEWS: Overall the category was lacking depth.

1st place Joseph C. Garza, Tribune-Star- Very nice image out of a potentially boring meeting assignment. The photographer showed thought and a good eye to get this image.

2nd place Andrew Laker, The Republic-Very nice moment between friends after a house fire. This image shows you don’t always have to be there when the house is burning to get a good image.

3rd place Jeremy Hogan, The Bloomington Herald-Times Nice feature images of monks having fun.

SPOT NEWS: Some nice images jumped to the top in this category.

1st place Tim Bath, Kokomo Tribune-Nicely composed image of an injured man getting handcuffed by police officers after a high-speed chase.

2nd place Tim Bath, Kokomo Tribune- This image is not your typical school bus wreck image, way to look for a different image at a accident scene.

3rd place Andrew Laker, The Republic- The rooster (running for its life) in the foreground makes the image, good eye.

FEATURE: Very strong category, lots and lots of nice stuff to choose from.

1st place Joe Vitti, The Indianapolis Star- Nice quiet moment and the composition is beautiful.

2nd place Chris Howell, The Herald-Times- Very nice use of light or the lack there of to make a dramatic image. The blackness also goes well with the theater’s name the Black Box Theater. Way to think.

3rd place- Rob Goebel, The Indianapolis Star Nice quiet moment that is lit perfectly. The hat on the person’s head really makes the image stand out.

HM (optional) Christopher Smith, The Times- This image makes you want to read the cutline and find out more about this man and why he has his hand on his head.

SPORTS: The sport action images in this category didn’t hold up against the range of emotions during and after the game.

1st place Jeremy Hogan, The Bloomington Herald-Times- Looks like the photographer waited back just to get a shot like this. Very nice and I bet nobody else at the game got the same image.

2nd place Chris Howell, The Herald-Times- Nice image of celebration during the game.

3rd place Rich Janzaruk, Times-Mail- Nice emotion the faces of the basketball players celebrating at the end of a game they won.

MULTIPLE: A few stories stood out. Most of the stories/groups of images in this category needed to be edited down further to reduce redundancy.

1st place Matt Detrich, The Indianapolis Star- Very nice story the reader will feel like he/she knows the church and the reverend after experiencing the images

2nd place Robert Schear, The Indianapolis Star-Very nice simple clean layout that highlights the eight people photographed. This is a clean creative way to photograph and display images of this many people.

3rd place Denny Simmons, The Courier and Press- Nice feature story on Mardi Gras outside of New Orleans.