April 2006 Clip Winners

JUDGE(S) NAME: Gary Stelzer, Greg Lynch, John Agliata

PUBLICATION:Cox Ohio SW Group (Middletown Journal/Hamilton Journal-News)



CREAM OF THE CROP: Melanie Maxwell/The Star Press — Boxer Story


1st place: Robert Scheer/The Indianapolis Star — Rally immigrants– This photo stood out right away, a great image that tells the entire story in one images.

2nd place: Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis Star — CLIFF program — To capture someone with that much darkness in them, with that big of smiloe on their face, well done.

3rd place Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis Star — Soldier buried — The ‘hug’ shot in front of the casket is a hard shot, emotionally and logistically, to capture, the addition of the silhouette made the image an award winner.


1st place: Tim Bath/Kokomo Tribune — Shooting — Great image of a terribly tense and potentially dangerous situation. We were glad to see that the paper was brave enough to run photos of the sticky red stuff in their print edition, although we thought the photo was ran to small.

2nd place: Christopher Smith/The Times of Northwest Indiana — 4 Killed — Great reaction to a tragic event, you can read the reaction in ALL the people’s faces.

3rd place: Joe Harpring/The Republic — Fire on I-65 — A great solution to a terrible situation; lots of smoke, no fire and horrifically backlit. Solution? Silhouettes. Well done.

HM (optional)

The hardest cateogry to judge. There was some debate between the first and second place images. The first place image caught us all right off the bat as a great image, the second place grew on us more and more the longer we looked at it.

1st place: Erik Markov/Kokomo Tribune — Unicycle practice — It took courage for the photographer to cut all the cyclists heads off.

2nd place: Charlie Nye/The Indianapolis Star — Bonfire — Nice quiet moment, the cutline added substance to the entry, completeing the story.

3rd place: Denny Simmons/Courier and Press — Community Center — One judge noted that what made this photo interesting ws that you could not see all the kid’s hands (except one) but there were hand prints all over the place. One thing that would have helped this image was if the photographer would have squared up the window.

HM (optional): Justin Rumbach/Courier and Press — Spinach salad — One of the judges just could not let this photo go, the look on the kid’s face tells the whole story.


1st place: Denny Simmons/Courier and Press — Golden Gloves — The image was composed and cropped perfectly.

2nd place: Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis Star — George Mason — Nice expression on the player’s face.

3rd place: Garet Cobb/Times-Mail — Baseball — Great reaction on the runner’s face. This entry would have moved up in the standings if it were cropped a bit better – neither the horizon nor the vertical lines were level. A little less depth of field would have also helped.

HM (optional)


1st place: Melanie Maxwell/The Star Press — Boxer Story — A true and complete story, with a logical conclusion, lots of good images, we all liked that it was printed completely in black and white (we did not know if it was a conscious decision, but we liked it) one judge commented that the images appeared to dark for him, but the rest of the judges liked the dark spots, for the subject matter it really worked well. The photographer captured not just the fighter’s life inside the ring, but outside as well.

2nd place: Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis Star — Soldier funeral — Lot of strong images, most if not all the photos could have been used as a single, to see the amount of quality work come from a difficult assignment as a funeral was remarkable.

3rd place: Melanie Maxwell/The Star Press — Boxer Story — Not as complete aw the first place entry, but jam-packed with great moments, the photographer, again, went beyond the ‘normal’ story and spent some time with the kid at home, capturing what we thought was one of the best images of the package.

HM (optional): Charlie Nye/The Indianapolis Star — Bridgeton — Many great images, but we kep waiting for someone, anyone, to pick up a hammer and start actually building the bridge. For some reason or another the story was published before it was finished, we recommend that the photographer re-submit the story in about six months, when it is complete.

HM: Tim Bath/Kokomo Tribune — Shooting — No comments sent.