June 06 Clip Contest Winners

2nd Place Multiple0606_fm_2nd_simmons4.jpg

Publication: South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Judge(s): Taimy Alvarez, Assistant Director of Photography, Rolando Otero, Deputy Director of Photography, Angel Valentin, Senior Staff Photographer, Judy Reich, Senior Staff Photographer, Joe Amon, Staff Photographer

Cream of the Crop: Matt Detrich, The Indianapolis Star
Picture of Mario Albarran

General News:

1st Place: Matt Detrich, The Indianapolis Star
Detrich did a great job documenting with wonderful composition and layering of storytelling elements throughout the frame the pain of Valdez creatively and different. The image brought us to that place and the emotion involved in the moment.

2nd Place: Matt Detrich, The Indianapolis Star
Again Detrich captured the pain of family in this moving picture.

3rd Place: Charlie Nye, Indianapolis Star
Photographing an open casket with respect and creativity is a very delicate and difficult thing to do as photographer. Nye was able to do that by capturing a moment, in addition the repetition of the flags on the casket and man’s shift.

Spot News:

1st Place: Bob Gwaltney, Evansville Courier & Press
Good hustle to get to this fire fast to capture it before it’s put out. Solid composition.


1st Place: Jeri Reichanadter, Indianapolis Star
Jeri did a great job anticipating the moment and capturing it in this funny picture this kid plays to the crowd as the camp leader looks for votes. Nice expressions.

2nd Place: Charlie Nye, Indianapolis Star
A very different take to a weather feature that was creative and interesting.

3rd Place: Mike Dickbern, The Republic – Columbus
Very different and creative take on people working

HM: Bob Gwaitney, Evansville Courier & Press


1st Place: Mike Dickbernd, The Republic – Columbus
Dickbernd successfully illustrated is a different and creative the story of a city’s identity without being boring and literal. Loved the branding angle taken.

2nd Place: Greg Griffo, Indianapolic Star
Loved the high angle taken on this illustration giving the reader a bird’s eye view of the driver.


1st Place: Justin Rumbach
Good peak action. Great catch showing Rumback was paying attention.

2nd Place: Joseph C. Garza
Great job looking beyond the obvious.

3rd Place: Christopher Smith
Great job capturing the raw emotion of the moment in wonderful light.

HM: Joseph C. Garza
Could have used some cropping to eliminate background clutter.


** In this entry all the judges felt that all the entries needed tighter edits with the exception of just a few. It’s not the quanity that counts, but the quality. Some of the stories had nice moments, but were most among the ok shots or due to size/play in the piece.

1st Place: Matt Detrich, The Indianapolis Star
Stood out from all the other entries because of its moments and style. Good edit.

2nd Place: Denny Simmons, Courier & Press
At first judges were not excited with this picture story because of all the pictures. To many pictures edited for this piece. But, as the judges looked closer there were some nice moments captured lost in the mix of images.

3rd Place: Denny Simmons, Courier & Press
Good job getting the reader into the world of dirt track racing. Judges loved the picture of the NASCAR Pit Stop. But, judges asked where are the drivers. The story needs a few pictures of the drivers in the pits and their “crew”, if they have any. The driver shots would have completed this piece nicely.