July 2006 Clip Contest Winners

1st Place News

JUDGE(S) NAME: Darin McGregor, Staff Photographer; Joe Mahoney, Staff Photographer; Jay Quadracci, Photo Editor (chair for contest)

Rocky Mountain News



CREAM OF THE CROP: “Keep that umbrella handy” –Matt Detrich, Indianapolis Star
Best of the best. We had never seen an image like this. It relied on the weather to cooperate, but especially on the creativity of the photographer. Very interesting image to study.

1st place-“Brother embraces sister before deployment”-Jim Rider, South Bend Tribune
Nice, tender image between a girl and her older brother before leaving for Iraq.

2nd place-“Red Hat Grandmas”-Denny Simmons, Courier and Press
Wonderful, upbeat moment with incredible expressions. Photographer was on the ball and got close for the action and smiles.

3rd place-“Emotion overcomes”-Jim Rider, South Bend Tribune
Tough shot of father crying at grave of his son. Good composition.

HM (optional)-“Kissing wife’s hand”-Jim Rider, South Bend Tribune
Nice moment between husband and wife before husband leaves for Iraq. Good image, but needed more emotion and impact to make top three.

1st place-“Crash and Carry”-Justin Rumbach, Courier and Press
Great spot news shot with a ‘plot twist’, once you noticed the car in the background. The humor and subtlety put it in first place.

2nd place-“Woman shot in apartment dies”-Marcus Marter, South Bend Tribune
Tense situation covered well by the photographer. The bat gave the image a sense of urgency and danger that got the story through to the reader immediately.

3rd place-“Driver hits young boy”-John Terhune, Jounral and Courier
A difficult situation that the photographer framed well for a quick and understandable read. The emotion of the driver, along with the body language of the subjects made it a top three finisher.

HM (optional)-“Rollover on Washington”-Erik Markov, Kokomo Tribune
Well done image of a mother being tended to while comforting her son after a rollover accident. The image was solid, but the cropping could have been better to help lead the viewer to the faces and emotions shown.

1st place-“Keep the umbrella handy”-Matt Detrich-Indianapolis Star
We had never seen an image like this. It relied on the weather to cooperate, but especially on the creativity of the photographer. Very interesting image to study. Would have been a real treat for the readers if the paper could have run it begger than it was, in our humble opinion.

2nd place-“Wedding in the rain”-Jason Clark, Courier and Press
Fun image of a woman walking w/umbrella and flags during her wedding. Her expression and situation contrasted nicely with the weather.

3rd place-“Sweat it out 1 more day”-Matt Detrich, Indianapolis Star

1st place-“Crash at home plate”-Frank Oliver, Journal and Courier
Perfect peak action of a tag at home plate, including the ball just haning in the catchers glove. Well done.

2nd place-“Under Pressure”-Joseph C. Garza, Tribune-Star
Wonderful faces of little league team after wining the game. Body language of subjects was good, as was the crop and composition. If the faces were more expressive, it would have had a better chance at first.

3rd place-“Car flips”-Robert Scheer,Indianapolis Star
Key action of a race car while flipping with driver grabbing his head. Perfect moment of the roll during the accident.

HM (optional)-“No air conditioning”-Justin Rumbach, Courier and Press
Interesting feature of player cooling down during basketball practice. Creative and beautiful shot well composed by photographer.

1st place-“Bucking for Glory”-Matt Detrich, Indianapolis Star
Good, solid photography by the photographer. Made several solid moments in the essay and showed and understanding of the subject. Only criticism was the story needed tighter editing, and possibly different play of some of the images. Some of the images that were small should have been a main image, while some of the main shots should have been small, or not included at all.

2nd place-“Highways and Byways”-Denny Simmons, Courier and Press
This was a multi-feature package that was kind of hard to figure out at first, but then we settled on this as being a ‘slice of life’ package that the photographer entered as one entry. Based on that interpretation and the quality of the images, it easily made 2nd place. Good moments of real life. It was well edited and good composition in the main images. The secondary images were supportive, but maybe not needed on some of the pages.

3rd place-“In the Swim”-Frank Oliver, Journal and Courier
Cute feature on swimming lessons for young kids. Fun and light hearted, the package came across as a 1-2 hour shoot, instead of one that the photographer had some time to work on. Images could have benefited by a little more creative angles and lens choices, as well as some better cropping for stronger impact. Overall, another fun ‘slice of life’ essay.

HM (optional)-“Mexico”-Christopher Smith, The Times of Northwest Indiana
Some well thought out images of Mexico, with some of them deserving better play, and others needing to be edited out. There was a spark to some of the photos, which is why it made the Honorable Mention category, but several of the shots had a ‘tourist’ feel to them, and didn’t have the depth and content to help carry the image. Kind of a mixed bag, but again, several were beautiful and showed a creative eye.