A letter from Contest Chairman Matt Detrich

Fellow Photographers,

What a crazy year – where did 2006 go! Things never seem to slow down as we again approach another INPA Year In Pictures Contest. In previous years the POY rules stated that “Images must be arranged in the order the categories are listed starting with Spot News and ending with Sports Picture Story. I AM ALLOWING ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS TO ARRANGE THEIR PHOTOS IN ANY ORDER THEY WISH < >I am doing this to allow for a little more creativity which will let the photographers personality dictate the order not the rules. Also, I am allowing a title slide to separate stories from the singles in the portfolio and the extra title slides will not count against you. All the pictures will still get looked at very closely so just be sure to have no more than 20 entries and have at least three categories represented, one of which MUST be general news, spot news or news layout.

The contest will be held on February 23 & 24, 2006, most likely at the campus of IUPUI in Indianapolis like last year. INPA President Jeri Reichanadter is working on this but we will not have an answer until the first of the year. Once confirmed, we will email out an address and phone number for the facility. Friday’s open judging will begin at 9:00 am and run until 5:00 pm. After dinner we will feature two or three speakers. After they have concluded we will feature resume tape and still portfolio critiques. A hospitality suite will be available for all the Indiana photojournalist and their guests for Friday evenings.

Saturday’s judging will begin again at 9:00 am and break at 12:00 pm to have free pizza and have our board meeting. After this we will pick up the ball and run until we are finished. We may also have one or two more local speakers at the conclusion of the judging. INPA members may attend the seminar for free.

The entries are due to me by TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2007 by MIDNIGHT. Any entry given to me after this date and time will not be eligible to participate – NO EXCEPTIONS. This is about 7-8 weeks to prepare your stuff. We need to have more people show up to the judging and the educational speakers. In the past very few people have attended this picture judging. We want ALL of you to come and be more proactive in the organization. We also have a lot more sponsors and for them to return year-after-year they need to see that we are interested or else we could lose their participation all together.

This year’s MANDATORY DATES for Best Use of Pictures by an Indiana Newspaper are – September 12 and November 8. These dates represent the 5th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks and the day after elections. Papers now may choose 2 other dates of their choice. Please submit the WHOLE PAPER (minus ads) as part of the entry. Those also have to be in my hands by Monday, February 12. PLEASE remember to call and ask if there are any questions! If I cannot answer them I will do my best to find one.

It is your ideas and willingness to participate that will make this work and make the organization as strong as it should be. It doesn’t matter whether you work at a large or small paper – ask off for these dates now! What matters is that you show up and have fun and that is my goal. A lot of hard work goes into this contest by a lot of people so make it worth our while – we do it for YOU.

Rules for this years contest are attached as a PDF, or available on line at http://www.www.indiananewsphotographers.org . There are a few changes, so please read them carefully. WE are also accepting entries via FTP, in addition to CD’s. Read the rules for more details.

Matt Detrich – Contest Chairman
The Indianapolis Star
307 N. Pennsylvania Street
Indianapolis, IN 46206-0145
WORK – (317)444-6464 CELL – (317)979-0028
Email – matt.detrich@indystar.com

P.S.: For technical questions on captioning or FTP’ing, please contact AJ Mast (ajmast@roninimages.com).