Nov. 06 Clip Winner

2nd Place Features

Judges: St. Petersburg Times (FL) staff photographers Lara Cerri, Willie J. Allen, Jr., Bob Croslin, Martha Rial, John Pendygraft

Clips received: 12/26/06
Clips judges: 1/02/07

Charlie Nye – Unique play. A wonderful moment not seen before. From the angle of the play, it looks like the coach – with hands in the air – is helping his player. Quite funny, really.

General News:
1st: Leslie Adams – Embrace. Woman goes from shelter to new home. Nice to get within arm’s length. Nice, intimate moment from planned event that conveyed caring and gratitude.

2nd: Matt Detrich – Funeral service hug. Shot nice and clean, but left half of photo doesn’t contribute information.

3rd: Joseph Garza – Election. The 3-year-old crouching at this parent’s feet while they vote is a nice surprise at the old voting booth.

Spot News:
Two entries only. Judges were disappointed with mediocre entries, but liked the car accident better.

1st: Frank Oliver – Moon with birds. The moon is big and detailed against a dark blue sky with birds illuminated by what appears to be a deep red sunlight. A beautiful, hard to get shot with gorgeous light.

2nd: Denny Simmons – Resting in the saddle. “A little wide,” said a couple judges, but we liked the documentary feel of this moment of a girl resting on her horse.

3rd: Tim Bath – Girl with lung disease. Nice to see a bright, hopeful moment from what must be a difficult and depressing condition.

1st: Charlie Nye – Unique basketball play. A wonderful moment not seen before. From the angle of the play, it looks like the coach – with hands it he air – is helping his player. Quite funny, really. Clean and nicely framed too.

2nd: Joe Vitti – High school locker room prep. Well seen and composed behind-the-scenes shot. Nice emotion.

3rd: Denny Simmons – Salute. Great shot of after-game emotion. Both a show of strength and defeat that the photographer captured well. Almost a cinematic moment. “Looks like an old Pepsi ad,” said one judge.

HM : Rob Goebel – Trio of volleyball emotion. A frame full of state champs emotion from a difficult sport to shoot.

1st: Matt Detrich – Funeral of children. This was far and away the best collection. A thorough job. And a reminder to all photographers that is your photos run online, you can print them out and tape them together.

2nd: Frank Oliver – Sandhill crane migration. Nice collection of solid photos. Quiet with nice light.

3rd: Joseph Garza – Mission soup kitchen. The photo of classmate volunteers admiring and laughing at each other’s hair nets was a great surprise in this collection. That pushed it up to number 3 for us.