Contest Judging only three days away


Remember contest judging starts THIS Friday at 9am and continues at 9am on Saturday (maybe earlier)


Door prizes will be given away through the judging. Attend and get a ticket, but more tickets for more chances to win! Who knows maybe you can even get your prize autographed (by who ever is sitting next to you)!

You have to be present to win, but that is no problem cause why wouldn’t you be present?


Judges Presentations

Our judges will be presenting work after dinner on Friday night (~ 7pm) and before judging starts on Saturday (8:30 am). Lets show some respect for these folks and have a nice large crowd to listen and learn.


But where is it at?

Indiana University School of Journalism, IUPUI
535 West Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Top of the stairs on the right.

Click for larger Map


But what hotel can I stay at?

University Place Conference Center & Hotel

Hotel Web Site

Details Post

Who are the judges?

Read about them with this link

Why should I attend?

Come on, how many times a year do you just get to sit in a dark room and listen to people talk about photographs?  Worst case scenario you get to ask in hushed tones “why would someone enter that?” Best case you get a little inspiration. Either way, a wicked good time.

But what if only 3 people entered the contest?

45 people entered this years contest (28 of those by FTP)