Jan Clip Contest Winners

Cream of the Crop, 1st Place General News


The Straits Times, Singapore

Bryan van der Beek – Photojournalist
Terence Tan – Executive Photojournalist
Caroline Chia – Photojournalist
Joyce Fang – Executive Photojournalist
Stephanie Yeow – Deputy Photo Editor


F-Feature 1st |
Justin Rumbach, The Herald
A very simple yet graphic image that stood out sharply in contrast to the other pictures in the feature catagory. We also liked the quirkiness of the subject’s arm replacing the hour hand of the clock.

F-Feature 2nd |
Denny Simmons
We loved the different faces on the students and they way they were illuminated by the flames. An interesting way of shooting an otherwise mundane assignment.

F-Feature 3rd |
Heather Charles, The Indianapoli
Good moment and well composed image that gives a good insight into after school programs.

F-Feature HM |
David Snodgress, Bloomington Herald-Times
Great moment, but the ambiguity of the picture hurt it’s chances of placing in the top three. A bit more separation from the two subjects would have made for a much stronger composition.

General News

GN-General_News 1st | Cream of the Crop
Kelly Wilkinson, The Indianapoli
How often do you see a chicken waiting in line to go through a metal detector? The fact that no one is paying any heed to the chicken adds to the humor and surrealness of this picture.

GN-General_News 2nd |
Charlie Nye, The Indianapolis St
A nice graphical image that shows the number of people who are interested in the Wellness Challenge. Good example of thinking out of the box and getting something different.

GN-General_News 3rd |
Denny Simmos

Spot News
All in all, a pretty poor showing for spot news this month. We won’t hesitate to say that we really expected more out of this catagory and chose the winning pictures more because of policy, instead of merit.

SN-Spot News 1st |
Bob Gwaltney,Evansville Courier & Press
most dramatic photo of the lot

SN-Spot News 2nd |
Rodney A. Margison, Brown County
picture of a fire

SN-Spot News 3rd |
Jim Rider, South Bend Tribune
detail of the aftermath of a fire


S-Sports 1st |
JOSEPH C. GARZA, Tribune-Star
Different from most of the other shots coming out of the playoffs, and a refreshing departure from action photos.

S-Sports 2nd |
Justin Rumbach, The Herald
You can feel the depression eminating from this picture, one that draws a strange resemblance to the classic “see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil” image. Very different reactions to the same basic emotion.

S-Sports 3rd |
Garet Cobb, Bedford Times-Mail
The face makes the picture.

S-Sports HM |
Mike Dickbernd, The Republic (Co
A creative portrait of a gymnist.A game subject and a persuasive photographer makes the picture.


Multi 1st |
Denny Simmons
Great set(s) of pictures, strongest in this catagory, but a bit of a stretch tying the different subjects together using anything other than geographic proximity.

Multi 2nd |
Natalie Battaglia/The Times of N
A comprehensive and visually attractive set of photos of a good subject choice. However, the overall package suffers from poor editing (too many pictures, some repetition and redundance) Still, in these days of the multiplex cinemas, the photographer does well in documenting a dying breed of theatre.

Multi 3rd |
Justin Rumbach, The Herald
A great little piece that shows the relationship between a coach and his athletes without actually showing any sports action. A good example of how spending time with your subjects will yield little storytelling moments.

Multi HM |
Denny Simmons
An unusual look into a talent show that is fresh and leaves viewers wanting more. Only the fact that there wasn’t a coherent visual flow to the pictures prevented this from placing in the top three.

Multi HM |
Matt Detrich, The Indianapolis Star
One can appreciate the sheer amount of work that when into producing this package. However, the old adage that states that your story is only as strong as your weakest picture holds true here. A handful of gems are almost lost in myrid of mediocre pictures and this series would have benefitted from a drastic diet. However, the gems did really stand out, hence the honorable mention.