Feb Clip Contest Winners

Cream of the Crop, 1st Place Sports

Contra Costa Times
Cindi Christie/Chief Photographer
Doug Duran/Photographer
Nader Khouri/Photographer

It would have been nice to see more picture stories entered in this competition. Thank you for asking us to judge. We enjoyed the snow, probably much more than you do.

Feature 1st | Justin Rumbach, The Herald
This is very humorous. We can almost tell what the dog is thinking. Nice job.

Feature 2nd | Jeremy Hogan, The Bloomington Herald-Times
The shoe falling off really makes the photo. It could have been cropped more tightly.

Feature 3rd | Jeremy Hogan, The Bloomington Herald-Times
The ice-covered branches were well-seen.

General_News HM | Jeremy Hogan, The Bloomington Herald-Times
The photographer caught a fun moment that made us smile.

General_News 1st | Rob Goebel
This photo has several layers of information to tell the story and to give the emotion context. We would be happy to run a photo like this in our paper (if only our teams would win).

General_News 2nd | Jon L. Hendricks/The Times
This is nicely seen and executed. Black & white helps the mood and impact.

General_News 3rd | Matt Detrich, The Indianapolis Star
It’s a nice, clean picture.

Sports 1st | Cream of the Crop | Rob Goebel
This is like a circus act. The photographer did a good job with the caption, too.

Sports 2nd | Joe Vitti/Indianapolis Star
We enjoyed the symmetry. This would have been a stronger photo if cropped a bit from the bottom. Nice picture.

Sports 3rd | Don Knight
Good, solid action.

Sports HM | AJ Mast, Freelance
Good job of showing the extent of the player’s emotions.

Sports HM | Rob Goebel
Good crop for a podium photo.

Spot_News 1st | John Terhune, Journal & Courier
We had a tough time deciding between this photo and second place. This won out because of the human interaction with the large fire.

Spot_News 2nd | John Terhune, Journal & Courier
This is a good, solid spot news photo. It says it all — sense of place and sense of scale. Needed a better crop from the bottom and right.

Spot_News 3rd | Don Knight, The Herald Bulletin
Nice color and placement of silhouetted firefighters.

Spot_News HM | Ellie Bogue, The News-Sentinel
This is a lucky moment. We hope there isn’t a person in here.

ma_jzrs 1st | Jim Rider, South Bend Tribune
This is the first choice because it has a beginning, middle and end. It was a lot of work for $18, which he is drinking away. Interesting look at the scrap metal issue. Good job of sticking with story, but the edit is way too loose.

Ma_JLRI 2nd | Jeri Reichanadter
The photographer brings readers a photo essay about the storm. We especially like the lead photo and good variety throughout. The edit got redundant.

ma_dlse 3rd | Denny Simmons/Evansville Courier & Press
This could have had more pictures.