April Clip Contest Winners

Cream of the Crop, 1st Place Sports

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to judge this contest. We were impressed with the overall quality of the work — especially news and sports — and the digital judging format (our first time judging this way) worked great. Judged at the Concord (NH) Monitor by staff photographers Lori Duff, Preston Gannaway and Ken Williams, photo intern Kim Walker and photo editor Dan Habib.

1st Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis St
This was a disappointing category. We saw photo in other categories that should have been entered here. Overall, a lack of photos that were either very artfully composed or contained strong moments. There was a split decision on first place, but we thought this was the most interesting photo, given the burst of wind on the robes and the angle taken by the photographer.

2nd Charlie Nye, The Indianapolis St
A good way to illustrate the cold day for baseball. The photographer did a good job of getting up close and not relying on a long lens to capture the bench scene.

3rd Rob Goebel
Some judges thought this was the strongest shot visually, but we also thought it was a fairly easy shot to get, and didn’t give the readers much beyond what they would have scene if they were there in the audience.

1st Denny Simmons
This was a solid category. The first two shots were easy picks, the third grew on us. First place had the most interesting composition. The angle and content immediately caught our attention.

2nd Charlie Nye, The Indianapolis St
Strong courtroom photography is a combination of being ready and having good luck. The photographer had both, and had the right position to boot to capture the emotional moment.

3rd Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis St
The expressions on these women, plus the juxtaposition of the statue and flag made this a quirky photo that put some human context on a church fire news story.

1st | Cream of the Crop AJ Mast, Freelance
We saw a lot of sports photos we liked in this category, which was the strongest in the contest. All of these photos were in contention until the end. But first place was unanimous — we all wish we had taken this shot. Right place, right time, right framing, right focus. Great action shot.

2nd Justin Rumbach, The Herald
Though this was a practice shot, we are glad the photographer thought to take it. The clothing, the body language and the juxtaposition of the houses behind him just made it interesting to look at.

3rd Justin Rumbach, The Herald
Similar comments to first place; another classic action shot, caught perfectly.

Nothing spectacular, but we really liked the body language of the runner.

HM Rob Goebel
Silouhettes are still overdone, but this one worked and was visually

HM Jeremy Hogan
Looks a little back-focused and the background looks over-burned, but strong action nonetheless.

1st Denny Simmons
We were surprised at how few entries there were in spot news, but the quality was strong. First place was a clear winner. A difficult photo to take because of the graphic nature of the scene. But this is life, and we need to photograph. We were interested as to whether it was published (we assume it had to be to be in the contest) and whether there was public reaction. This was the runner-up to the biking shot for cream of the crop.

2nd Rob Goebel
There was nothing fancy to the composition here, but it read well as a tableau of destruction.

3rd Rodney A. Margison / Brown Count
We see lot of fire shots, but the tall plume of fire here was pretty dramatic, and the context of the picnic table, etc.. gave it a sense of place.

1st Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis Star
This was another fairly weak category. We had hoped to see more medium or long-term photo stories on human, social issue oriented stories. Most of the entries were more photo packages than stories. First place was a very well shot essay on a news event, a church fire. Looks like the photographer worked really hard to get a variety of angles and content. We loved the shot of the broken church window with icycles; it probably would have placed in spot news.

2nd Joseph C. Garza, Tribune-Star
This was the closest to a traditional project photographed over a period of time. Some really nice moments and the photographer seemed to blend in well, but we felt it was not as visually sophisticated and there was too much redundancy and an over-reliance on the prom.

3rd Charlie Nye, The Indianapolis St
Like first place, this is more of a well-worked assignment than a true photo story. But there were some solid photos and it was well shot.