May Clip Winners

Cream of the Crop, 1st Place Sports

Contest judged by staff of The Commercial Appeal:
Michael McMullan, David Darnell, Mark Weber, John Sale and Claude Jones.
We judge a few contest each year amongst the staff. This was one of the better ones.

1st Jim Rider
Judges liked the spontaneous feel of this photo. It’s the kind of thing a shooter would just find while driving in search of a picture. Therefore it jumped out as one of the purest features of the bunch. From a visual aspect we liked the nice graphic nature of it.

2nd Chris Howell, The Herald-Times
Judges liked that the photographer used the available light in a darkish situation to make an interesting picture and even capture the aura of the projection halo above the car. It was just a little more out of the ordinary from other entries.

3rd Joseph C. Garza, Tribune-Star
This picture made us all laugh. So that’s why we chose it. Unlike the majority of the photos it elicited an emotion and a response from us. We did wonder if this was the funniest moment during the round of golf, but we still got a chuckle out of it.

HM Denny Simmons
This was a different moment any shooter would like to come across on a feature hunt.
It has that pure feature find feel to it that we liked.

1st Joseph C. Garza, Tribune-Star
There were several funeral and memorial images in this category. A few of widows clutching flags and things we’ve seen before. We always like to see different ways of covering assignments. This photo of just the hands reaching out to place flowers on the casket conveyed much about the story and did so with an image you wouldn’t expect to see.

2nd Jeri Reichanadter
Just a nice quiet moment between family members as dad prepares for deployment to Iraq. We all felt the message here was between mother and child getting thru dad’s deployment together. Again a differnt image from an event we are seeing often in the news.

3rd Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis Star
We like this for third because it was a quiet moment that conveyed strong emotion.
Not necessarily an unexpected moment, but a strong one.

1st Cream of the Crop Justin Rumbach, The Herald
This picture pretty well summed up the event. Good effort capturing joy of victory and thoughful composition capturing the agony of defeat. We also chose this image as cream of the crop because if one photo out of all the entries had everything to it that made it special, this one did.

2nd Rob Goebel Indianapolis Star
We like seeing different ways of looking at ordinary events. We felt photographer put on his artistic thinking cap to make this picture. We appreciated their effort with a second place.

3rd AJ Mast, Freelance
A couple of us saw this event on TV when it happened. I guess we just thought it nicely captured a person’s joy. And the fact that person is a movie star whom you wouldn’t normally find standing out in a pouring rainstorm supporting a loved one made it even more unusual.

1st Jon L. Hendricks/The Times
This was the smallest category. Judges thought this moment had good story telling quality. How often is it at a routine house fire where you see this going on and can put it all in the same frame.

2nd John Terhune, Journal & Courier
Judges felt this photo sumed it up as well. In addition photographer had the luck of having the home owner wander into debris.

3rd Jon L. Hendricks/The Times
A pure spot news moment in a shallow category. But still, of all the fires we’ve been to judges would all have liked to have come away with an image like this.

1st Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis Star
Judges felt that all round this was just a good clean set of well done story telling photos. Perhaps the light was what gave it a different look, but the photographer certainly made good use of it with creative images. From the expression on the young girls face, to the reflection cast from a program to light an officer’s face, to the gloved honor guard at the rear door, all combined to make this a solid photo story.

2nd Denny Simmons
Judges like this story because it was unique to the category and had a nice diverse selection of images to tell this boxer’s story. Could have maybe used a tighter edit on some of the family pix, but we expecially liked Ray and his young son boxing, and the ending photo after the fight was great.

3rd Chris Howell
There were a couple of drive-in stories in this category that contains many similar images. Judges like this one over the other because photographer worked more using the darkness to his advantage and the story had more of a nighttime mood and feel. No doubt shooter overcame some technical obstacles in getting the images. We especially like the first one with two people huddled in the rear of their station wagon and the projection light glowign over the top of their car. A nice image.