Year End Multi-Media Contest

The purpose of this contest is to recognize the increasing importance of multi-media works in photojournalism.

Pieces should endeavor to use multi-media in order to tell a story with more depth and bring a greater understanding to the viewer then possible with a single media presentation.

This is the Annual contest, entries must be made or published in 2007.

Depending on number of entries we may ask judges to pre-judge, and select their favorites for viewing, discussion and awarding of places during the open judging on 2/22-23/08.


The rules:

The work must be available for viewing at a standalone URL (URL links directly to piece or page containing only that piece)

No user name or password should be required for viewing work.

Work must be available for viewing for 90-days after entry deadline.

Piece may be the work of one or more persons, but may only be entered once.

Limit of three pieces per entrant.

Work does not have to be hosted on publications web servers, though entrant should have permission to post work else where from copyright holder. INPA can provide a basic web hosting space of 5gb for purpose of this contest, one hosting space per publication. Contact INPA webmaster for details.

As long as work contains two or more media elements (sound, video, stills, interactivity, etc..) it is eligible for this contest. A video, with audio is of course eligible. Photo only slide shows are not eligible.

Photographs from multi-media pieces are eligible for entry in the monthly still clip contest.

Pieces should be viewable in Firefox and Internet Explorer, on either Macs or Windows.

Pieces un-viewable or unreachable by judges will be ignored.

A minimum of six entries must be received for the contest to be judged. Judges will have discretion on the awarding of any places beyond first.

You may enter using this LINK.