2nd Quarter Multi Media Contest Winners

Judges: Andrew P. Scott and Sean Dougherty, USA TODAY

The top pieces stood out and rose to the top very quickly as they all shared several common traits: strong visuals, clear audio, good storytelling techniques in both the audio and visual tracks worked together to tell a complete story. Even so, each of the winning pieces should have been edited tighter, both visually and with the audio to give them stronger impact.

Lots of the entered pieces suffered on many levels. Poor technical audio quality or poor storytelling hurt several pieces that had otherwise had reasonable visuals. Poor opening visuals will immediately submarine viewers, and poor audio will do the same in short order. Many pieces as presented were far, far too long. This reflects poor editing and storytelling, and ultimately, a lack of respect for a potential viewer’s time. Sixty seconds is a long time if you are not presenting potential viewers strong visuals or compelling audio. Over two minutes without a storyline or strong visuals or audio is painful as a viewer. Several pieces were well over three minutes, which is excruciating when the piece does not have a story to tell and also has marginal visuals and/or audio.

In almost all cases, shorter is better. Editing your audio and visuals tightly will help tell your story effectively. If you are not getting the viewer’s attention with impacting visuals and interesting audio in the first 15-20 seconds, you won’t keep them as a viewer through the whole piece.

A couple entries would not play at all, despite trying several different browsers and platforms.

Christopher Smith NW Times.com
Organ Session Skating
Seniors skate to organ music at the Glenwood Roller Rink in Glenwood Illinois.

Good audio, well composed visuals, and a well thought-out story line that was engaging through the whole piece made this a winner. It’s a simple story, but it is presented in a fun way and is generally engaging for the viewer. Good use of subject narration to tell story interspersed with strong visuals keep this piece interesting. Several of the visual scenes and techniques repeated throughout the piece and could have been edited down tighter to make the overall more effective.

Chris Howell, Bloomington HT
Starlite Drive-In Theatre
Profile of local Starlite Drive-In Theatre that still offers that old-fashioned family atmosphere.

A little slow getting into the story, but interesting audio approaches with strong visuals hold the viewer until the storyline fully develops. Good job thinking about where to gather strong audio, not merely gathering audio where you happened to be shooting pictures. Again, like the first piece, this could be edited a little tighter to make it a stronger piece.

Christopher Smith NW Times.com
Fight Night
Students at Mt. Carmel High School in Chicago square off in the ring for the school title

Excellent job following story from beginning to end, searching for behind the scenes visuals, in the ring, and overalls. Again, good audio and good story line help this one stand out. Good use of varied subject narration to tell the story. Tighter editing could have helped.

All Enrties for Second Quarter 2007

Name: Steve Linsenmayer
Organization: The News-Sentinel

Capt. Crosby, home at last.
Missing in action for almost 4 decades, Vietnam chopper pilot Herb Crosby is laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery

Name: Ellie Bogue
Organization: The News-Sentinel

Giving Shelter
Day in the life of an Allen County Animal Control worker.

Laid to Rest
The funeral of a Kendallville soilder killed in Iraq

Name: Natalie Battaglia
Organization: The Times of Northwest Indiana

Immigration March
Immigration March in Chicago

Hundreds of Chihuahuas race to be the fastest in the nation.

Name: Christopher Smith
Organization: The Times of Northwest Indiana

Organ Session Skating
Seniors skate to organ music at the Glenwood Roller Rink in Glenwood Illinois

Fight Night
Students at Mt. Carmel High School in Chicago square off in the ring for the school title

Railcats Tryouts
Players vie for spot on the Gary Southshore Railcats minor league baseball team

Name: Chris Howell
Organization: The Herald Times

Fig Tree Coffe Bar
Audio slideshow on a small coffee bar in the tiny town of Helmsburg.

Tom Ludwig, Lawn Mower Repair
Tom Ludwig repairs and refurbishes broken down lawn mowers for extra money in his retierment.

Starlite Drive-In Theatre
Profile of local Starlite Drive-In Theatre that still offers that old-fashioned family atmosphere.

Name: Matt Detrich
Organization: The Indianapolis Star

500 Festival Parade
Yearly parade that kicks off the month of May that leads up to the prestigious Indianapolis 500

Test of Attack Responses
Emergency disaster response training for emergency personel from across the state of Indiana

Name: Don Knight
Organization: The Herald Bulletin

Best and brightest
Anderson’s top African American students earned the privilege of being debuted during the city’s annual Debutante Cotillion/Beautillion Militaire at the Paramount Theatre Centre’s Hardacre Ballroom.