3rd Quarter Muli-Media Contest Results

Judges: Dallas Morning News, Ronald Baselice, Irwin Thompson and Juan Garcia

1st place goes to Picking & Fiddling by Denny Simmons of the Evansville Courier & Press.
Best use of sound and good variety of photos

2nd place goes to Prosthetic Leg Football Player by Matt Detrich of The Indianapolis Star.
Good story, but would have like to seen a tighter edit and more from the subject himself in the video.

3rd place goes to Habitat for Humanity by Christopher Smith, The Times of Northwest Indiana.
Good use of natural sound through out the video, again could have been a tighter edit.

All Entries

Jeremy Hogan
1st_Entry_Title: Soldier’s Funeral
1st_Entry_Description: Video coverage of a soldiers memorial and funeral services

2nd_Entry_Title: Demo Derby
2nd_Entry_Description: Video of demolition derby at the county fair

3rd_Entry_Title: Model Rockets
3rd_Entry_Description: Video coverage of children at summer camp launching rockets

Charlie Nye
The Indianapolis Star
1st_Entry_Title: Pigeons Remember Where Home Is
1st_Entry_URL: http://www2.indystar.com/images/graphics/2007/08/pigeons15/
1st_Entry_Description: Soundslides on a man who raises homing pigeons

denny simmons
evansville courier & press
1st_Entry_Title: Picking & Fiddling
1st_Entry_URL: http://www.indiananewsphotographers.org/ecp/dlse_9107_FIDDLE
1st_Entry_Description: Indiana State Picking & Fiddling championships

2nd_Entry_Title: Working with a net
2nd_Entry_Description: A wild and wet aquatics lesson

Christopher Smith
The Times of Northwest Indiana
1st_Entry_Title: Habitat for Humanity
1st_Entry_URL: http://nwi.com/tabs/multimedia/habitat.mov
1st_Entry_Description: Habitat for Humanity builds four home in one week in Gary.

2nd_Entry_Title: Golf and Fun Center Closes
2nd_Entry_URL: http://nwi.com/tabs/multimedia/golf/
2nd_Entry_Description: The Schererville Golf and Fun Center closes to make way for a new lifestyle center

3rd_Entry_Title: Creme De La Crop
3rd_Entry_URL: http://nwi.com/tabs/multimedia/cremedelacrop.mov
3rd_Entry_Description: Creme De La Crop Organic Family Farm in Valparaiso Indiana

Matt Detrich
The Indianapolis Star
1st_Entry_Title: Prosthetic Leg Football Player
1st_Entry_Description: Freshman linebacker Jordan Ewart is the starting linebacker despite a lawnmower accident taking his leg at age four-SEE VIDEO 01 IN PLAYER

2nd_Entry_Title: Girls Powder Puff Football
2nd_Entry_Description: Girls Powder Puff Football between Freshman, Sophomore, Juniors and Seniors at Hamilton Southeastern High School-SEE VIDEO 02 IN PLAYER

Chris Howell
The Herald-Times
1st_Entry_Title: Drum Line
1st_Entry_URL: http://garfield.heraldtimesonline.com/ss/snare/
1st_Entry_Description: Indiana University Marching Hundred snare line rehearses during band camp the week before the season starts.

2nd_Entry_Title: Picture Day
2nd_Entry_URL: http://garfield.heraldtimesonline.com/ss/pictureday/
2nd_Entry_Description: Local high schoolers line up for picture day.

3rd_Entry_Title: Tractor Parts
3rd_Entry_URL: http://garfield.heraldtimesonline.com/ss/tractor_parts/
3rd_Entry_Description: Don Clark works part-time at D&J Farm Equipment repairing and selling used farm equipment.

Joel Philippsen
Organization: The Republic
1st_Entry_Title: Columbus East vs. New Albany
1st_Entry_Description: Night of the game