2008 Clip Contest Changes, RFC

Hey gang,

I have been reviewing this past years clip contest entries and have made a few observations.

First–Entries in Spot News are extremely low. There were 106 entries for the entire year of 2007.  The lowest month was five clips and the largest was 22 clips entered.  That averages out to almost nine entries per month.

Second–The point system (as it stands) is not really fair when you compare the amount of points available for categories that are monthly versus those that are quarterly.  Meaning–Illustration category carries too much weight in points for too few entrants. There were only 51 entries entered by roughly 10 entrants for the entire year of 2007. That averages out to just over four entries per month.

Third–Multimedia entries have been low, but consistent among the few that enter.  There has only been five or six entrants that have entered in all four quarters.  True there weren’t any points awarded for the winners, but the intent of the Multimedia category was to educate and further the medium in Indiana. It’s intent was to also give our members a chance to see what others are doing in the rest of the state.

So here are some changes I am proposing for this next year of INPA clips.

First—I would like to make Spot News a quarterly contest like Illustration and Multimedia.

Second—I would like to start awarding points for the Multimedia category.  I feel that if you are taking the time to enter the category you should get something in return toward the year end total.

Third—I would like to change the point system for the monthly and quarterly categories.  Increasing the monthly clips to from 50 points for first place, 40 points for second, 30 points for third and 10 points for an HM to 60 points for first, 45 points for second, 30 points for third, and 15 points for an HM.

That would allow for a cut in points for the three quarterly categories (Illustration, Spot News and Multimedia) to 20 points for first, 15 points for second, 10 points or third and 5 points or and HM.

And one last change I am thinking of making is to reward the cream of the crop with more than one point.  I feel that if the judges like that picture or multimedia winner the best of the entire month it deserves to win more points.  I am proposing making the cream of the crop winner get 25 points.

Let me know what you all think of these changes.  Or if you have any suggestions you would like to make for me to take under consideration for this years contest.  The decisions need to be made soon though.  The first month’s deadline is Feb. 10.

Please contact me soon so you can weigh in on my final decisions for the 2008 INPA Clip Contest.


Chris Howell
INPA Clip Chair