QMMC Results

OVERALL – I’m encouraged to see photographers in your organization who
are taking on this daunting multimedia task. I can tell that many of
them are just starting and maybe haven’t received a lot of training or
feedback. I think most of the entries could benefit from tighter edits
in the interviews and a wider variety of B-roll shots. Some of the
b-roll ran a little too long to cover the interview and other audio.
Either more b-roll, shorter interviews or both will solve that and make
the pieces more interesting and easier to watch. Here is our general
rule of thumb (emphasis on general).

– When possible, keep it to two minutes or less (some of our videos are
30-45 seconds)
– Wide, medium, tight, tight, tight and repeat as many times as possible
(we don’t run them all, but it’s helpful to have them all).
– Give an early reason why someone should be interested and then
surprise them later on.

1ST –
Kailah Young (Pianist) – Chris Howell – The awkward shots of her
in front of her piano gave a great sense of personality that an
interview could not. The combination of shots using seemingly unrelated
footage of the girl goofing off with her toys over the audio of her
playing worked very well to establish her both as a kid an a serious
pianist. Pacing of this video was good, allowing the story to tell
itself. It did drag in a couple places and it ran a little long, but in
general it was ok. The judges wanted to hear Kailah talk more. It was
good to have the mom talk some, but the way Kailah introduced herself,
her shyness and awkwardness was very refreshing and telling of her

2ND – Indiana State Fair Food – Sam Riche – The idea was wonderfully
simple and well executed. The audio was more interesting than the
visuals. The time lapse footage didn’t seem to add much and was a little
distracting at times. Either straight video or even stills of each item
mentioned would have worked better. The quick pace of the video was
really nice as well.

3RD – Colts vs. Vikings – Sam Riche – An interesting approach at getting
around the NFL rules for video from games. The judges wanted different
audio to pair with the photos. The music worked ok, but we were more
interested in hearing something more related to the game. Maybe quirky
fans talking about the game, favorite plays, etc, the photos then
running as the fan talks, fan stops talking, crowd roars for the
touchdown, etc. NFL fans are extremely passionate, many are drunk, it’s
a treasure trove of wonderful audio.

FINALLY – We could not find three of the eight pieces submitted. I’m not
sure what the solution is (INPA hosting, securing the embed code and
displaying the clips on INPA.org, etc.). It was unfortunate that we
couldn’t judge all the entries.

Jason A. Cook
Deputy Photo Director
St. Paul Pioneer Press

All Entries

Matt Detrich
Blue Friday
I anticipation of the first game of the year in their new stadium, the City of Indianapolis held a rally in downtown Indianapolis in support of their team.

Chris Howell
Newts Marathon
After 42 years of working on cars and pumping gas, Richard “Newt” Chitwood is calling it quits.

Wallace Santos, 14, traveled from the rain forests near Sao Paulo, Brazil to participate in this summers Indiana University Jacobs School of Music String Academy.

Kailah Young
Kailah Young, 8, recently won second prize at the World Piano Competition in Cinncinnati. As a part of her prize she will perform at Carnegie Hall.

Jeri Reichanadter
Talented Kids
Talent Show competition at the Hamilton County 4-H Fair

Sam Riche
Indiana State Fair Food
A look at the variety of food at the Indiana State Fair

Wabash River changes course
Because of severe spring flooding, the Wabash River; which designates the western boarder of Indiana, changed its course.

Colts vs. Vikings
The Indianapolis Colts traveled to Minneapolis to take on the Vikings.