Sept Clip Contest Results

Cream of the Crop, 1st Place General News

Members of the St. Paul (MN) Pioneer Press photo staff judged the contest. – Jason A. Cook, Deputy Photo Director – Ben Garvin, Videographer – Sherri LaRose-Chiglo, Photographer – Richard Marshall, Photographer/Videographer

F-Feature 1st Place
Photographer: Scott M. Bort / Post-Tribune
Judges Commnets:
Great moment, good composition. Great simplicity makes this image fun and interesting to look at. It’s a surprising picture that raises it above the rest.

F-Feature 2nd Place
Photographer: Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis St
Judges Commnets:
A good find by the photographer, nicely composed and fun to look at.

F-Feature 3rd Place
Photographer: Heather Charles, The Indianapoli
Judges Commnets:
Great moment. Wonderful expressions. This photo could have benefited from a more unique perspective an composition.

GN-General_News 1st Place Cream of the Crop
Photographer: Scott M. Bort / Post-Tribune
Judges Commnets:
Just a great image. Judges were unanimous in deciding this was the best in the category. Great composition, good moment, wonderful content in the photograph, right down to the color of the woman’s shirt and umbrella. A great idea by the photographer to make a photo like this.

GN-General_News 2nd Place
Photographer: Jon L. Hendricks/The Times
Judges Commnets:
Strong composition helps tell the story of the collapsed parking lot. The photograph is kept very simple which is a good thing.

GN-General_News 3rd Place
Judges Commnets:
A surprise. A good idea by the photograph to shoot this from behind the tree. It’s nice and clean.

I-Illustration 1st Place
Photographer: Rob Goebel/Indianapolis Star
Judges Commnets:
Wonderful simplicity, great use of color and composition.

I-Illustration 2nd Place
Photographer: Andrew Hancock, MRT
Judges Commnets:
Great conceptual portrait. Tells the story of his tough reputation and becoming a vocal leader.

I-Illustration 3rd Place
Photographer: Rob Goebel/Indianapolis Star
Judges Commnets:
Extremely simply, very well lit, pleasing to look at.

Multiple_Entry 1st Place
Photographer: Scott M. Bort / Post-Tribune
Judges Commnets:
Some very strong flood work showing the devastation and emotion of the people affected by the flooding. This entry (along with the others) would be stronger with a tighter edit.

Multiple_Entry 2nd Place
Photographer: Charlie Nye
Judges Commnets:
A good collection of images that could’ve benefited from a tighter edit and a greater visual variety.

Multiple_Entry 3rd Place
Judges Commnets:
A humorous look at the life of a rodeo clown. Story would benefit from more time with the clowns and a greater focus on one of them and his or her life.

S-Sports 1st Place
Photographer: Rob Goebel
Judges Commnets:
Very different, the judges all sat forward in their chairs to get a closer look. Nice composition and light, a terrific moment. God vision and thinking by the photographer.

S-Sports 2nd Place
Photographer: Andrew Hancock, Journal & Courier
Judges Commnets:
Strong football action. Nice moment, nice anticipation, good conflict between the players. The photograph was really aided by its super-clean background.

S-Sports 3rd Place
Photographer: Scott M. Bort / Post-Tribune
Judges Commnets:
A good storytelling image. It’s clear the photographer knew of a story that went beyond the outcome of the game and made a meaningful photo to capture that story. The judges wanted the dejected player to be more prominent and/or defined more within the frame.

SN-Spot_News 1st Place
Photographer: Chris Bergin, The Star Press
Judges Commnets:
Strong composition, photographer got low. Good sense of loss and helplessness. Light is beautiful.

SN-Spot_News 2nd Place
Photographer: jim rider
Judges Commnets:
Very different. It grabs attention. Clean, great that the photographer was there and close enough.

SN-Spot_News 3rd Place
Photographer: Richard Sitler,Herald Bulletin
Judges Commnets:
Great emotion, sense of personal loss.