2008 INPA Still and MultiMedia Contest Call for Entries

Greetings and Salutations,

It is contest time again!

Remember dues are $35/yr. and must be paid before contest weekend (2/13-14). Here is your membership form: INPA Membership Form
Deadline for all entries is Midnight eastern standard time Tuesday, February 3, 2009 (02/03/09).

Still Photo Contest
Most of the rules and entry requirements from 2007 are the same, but there are a few changes:

1. Elimination of “Best use of Pictures” by an Indiana Newspaper. For the last few years we have gotten only a couple of entries in this category. So it makes the award kinda hollow.

2. Election Photos category. For 2008 only we are going to have a special singles category for Election photos. Local, State and National election and campaign photos should be entered in this category.

3. In all categories, a minimum of 3 photographers must enter for that category to be judged.

4. A poll on the website was conducted and 79% of the responders voted that video frame grabs are not photojournalistically equal to still photos, so they are not allowed in the still photo competition.

5. Each entrant may only enter once in Sports Portfolio

6. We only had one CD entry last year, so this year it is all upload, no DVD or CD’s will be accepted. After filling out the entry form you will get a URL to upload your entry (same type of deal as clip contest). So you do not have to wait for an email. You can still enter non-electronic entries for The John Ahlhauser Award.

7. We have reduced the number of IPTC fields you have to fill in to 5 (Category, Photographer, Source, title and caption)

8. After careful consideration, multi-media entires are not allowed in POY portfolios for 2008. The primary reasons for this are:

1. We have established a separate Multi media competition.
2. Major national photojournalism competitions do not allow them.

LINK to Official Rules

No significant changes to the multi-media contest have been made.

LINK to Multi-Media Rules

Please enter early. And good luck.


AJ Mast
Contest Chairman