2008 4th Quarter Multi-Media

1st State of Indecision Christopher Smith –This was an ambitious project that we truly enjoyed. The photographer used ambient sound to great effect in almost every video. It made the judge wish they could be let loose in Indiana with our cameras. The project had a really nice sense of place in time. This being said the judges felt not a single of the videos wouldn’t have been served by a slightly tighter edit. If you find yourself retracing your steps, make the hard cut.

2nd Gary CelebratesChristopher Smith — We felt the excitement and wish we could have been there. Not much more you can ask for from a multimedia piece.

3rd RoboCop Christopher Smith — This piece rambled on a bit and may have benefited with not starting at the beginning, but backing into it. In the end, it was the thoroughness of the piece raising it into the top three.

All Entires

Sam Riche

First passengers arrive at the new Indianapolis Airport

First passengers arrive at the new Indianapolis Airport.

Blood drive

The Indianapolis Colts sponsored the “Bleed Blue” blood drive at the new Lucas Oil football stadium in Indianapolis.

Colts vs Texans

Sights and sounds from the Colts vs. Texans football game in Indianapolis.

Charlie Nye

Spc. Keith Fromme

Spc. Keith Fromme talks about returning to his normal life after
spending most of 2008 in Iraq.

Christopher Smith
State of Indecision
For the first time on 40 years, Indiana was on the fence about which
way it would vote in a presidential election. Using video, still
photography and text, I travelled the state for about 10 days to take
the political pulse of the state.

Gary Celebrates Obama’s Victory

Residents of Gary, Ind. wait on the edge of their seats as results
stream in declaring Barack Obama the next president of the United


Sgt. Shannon “Ray” McAllister suffered traumatic brain injury from an IED attack in Iraq. He lost the use of his left arm and leg. With the
help of Wearable Therapy, he is getting his life back