2008 Multimedia Year End Contest Results

Myung Chun, videojournalist, Los Angeles Times
Sachi Cunningham, videojournalist, Los Angeles Times
Katy Newton, videojournalist, Los Angeles Times

1st – Heather Charles, Indianapolis Star
Reading with Dad and Me
Unanimous. Judges comments: Maybe not the strongest images of the bunch, but great story, characters and
audio . Only critiques: didn’t need the opening explanation titles. The photos and audio would have provided the info.

Great story, well told on all sides, solid shooting, esp. like the wide shots of the dads recording their stories. The only thing I really longed for was to see the video tape that the guy was recording. I think the story could have benefited from having a mix of photos and video.

Nice story, touching and well told with good interviews and good editing. Photos had some great moments.

2nd – Matt Detrich, Indianapolis Star
Remote Control Barn
Judges comments: Classic small town story, very well shot, good sequencing.

Solid shooting with a very good eye for composition. The well-paced editing kept the video moving right along. Great use of different focal lengths and angles.

3rd – Christopher Smith, The Times of Northwest Indiana
Rock Steady
Judges comments: liked the story and opening. good camera work and angles. would have liked to hear from students earlier in the video. Good job.

HM: Christopher Smith, The Times of Northwest Indiana
Spelling Bee – nice shots, nice risks with the editing. But, obvious
story…felt like we had seen it.

HM: Scot M. Bort, The Post-Tribune
Bell Ringer
Simple but well told story. Solid shooting, great editing.

All Entries

  1. The Road to Stability

    The Road to Stability is a story about my sister Carly Besse, who growing up wasn’t used to working or having bills because she had everything she wanted handed to her by her parents. Two years ago when she married Michael Besse he was in debt and without the financial support of her parents and the experience of managing money, Carly and Michael’s financial trouble grew to a breaking point. Michael was unemployed and unable to find a job in Arkansas that would pay enough to cover their monthly bills. With the birth of their daughter Brooklynn, Michael got a job in Alabama with a nationwide construction company, Lexicon, paying triple the amount he could make in Arkansas. They bought a camper and headed on the road to work off their debt.

  2. Healing Positive

    Deb Sturm, 51, tested positive for HIV 11 years ago. Since then, she has struggled to find support from her family and the rural community in which she lives. With only her care coordinator and best friend to rely on, she tries to accept the support she does have.

  3. The Manley Quints

    The Manley quintuplets are approaching their six-month-old birthday. Here is a look on their progress and how their family is doing. The family is able to survive with the help of many volunteers.

  4. Reading with Dad and Me

    Plainfield Re-Entry Educational Facility has 30 fathers participating in the Reading with Dad and Me program. Every three months a father can read a book on DVD to their children. This is a look a two fathers and their families.

  5. Family Barber

    Connor Kuh, 2, is the fourth generation of the Scott family to have barber Fred Miller cut his hair. This was Connor’s first haircut.

  6. Wallace

    Wallace Santos, 14, traveled from the rain forests near Sao Paulo, Brazil to participate in this years Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music String Academy.

  7. Newts Marathon

    After 42 years of working on cars and pumping gas, 74-year-old, Richard “Newt” Chitwood is selling one of the last full service gas stations left in town and retiring.

  8. Flash Flooding

    Area residents deal with flash flooding that was left behind after a large storm system dropped more than 11 inches of rain in one night. This is staff coverage from the first day of the flash flooding that took two to three days to recede.

  9. Talent Show

    We take a look at the talent show at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds.

  10. Brewster’s Back

    Heavyweight professional boxer Lamon “Relentless” Brewer returns to Indianapolis to fight in his hometown for the first time in 18 years.

  11. Remote Control Barn

    The gigantic and historic Normandy Barn makes its way across 38th Street in Indianapolis to the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Wolfe House Movers transported the barn in one piece using computerized dollies moving at a pace of two-miles per hour.

  12. After The Battle

    Re-enactors of a Civil War battle at Conner Prairie, the state’s largest living history museum, experience and enjoy reliving the past on the grounds for over a week. On the last day, after the gates closed to the public, the participants took pride in having a barn dance and then winding down by a fire in true Civil War fashion. “Nothing beats going back to our roots,” said participant Rick Herman.

  13. State of INdecision

    For the first time in 40 years, the state of Indiana was on the fence about who it would vote for for president. Historically a red state, Indiana appeared to be leaning left. I drove the length of the state with the goal of taking the political pulse of everyday Hoosiers. With very little planning, lots of driving, and lots of juggling, I used video, stills and text to try to document what was happening. I stopped in as many places as time and budget would allow. The trip lasted nearly two weeks and ended in Northwest Indiana in Gary with a watch party for Barack Obama.

  14. Rock Steady

    The Rock Steady Boxing foundation uses the training techniques of boxing to offer therapy for patients with Parkinson’s disease. Led by the unflinching drive of former professional boxer Kristy Rose Follmar, the organization offers hope where there was little before.Alternate link of a .mov is unviewable:http://nwitimes.videos.vmixcore.com/p/video?id=1833578

  15. Spelling Bee

    Keertan Kini looked for a repeat in The Times regional spelling bee in Munster in 2008. The win would send him to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C.Alternate link of a .mov is unviewable:http://nwitimes.videos.vmixcore.com/p/video?id=1747319

  16. Lucas Oil Stadium Opening Gala

    VIP’s and other guests were invited to a grand opening gala at the new stadium for the Indianapolis Colts.

  17. Pacers Media Day

    NBA team trying to change public perception takes to the court for the 2008-09 season.

  18. Stadium Implosion

    20 seconds and 875 explosive devices wall all it took to bring down the 24-year-old RCA Dome in Downtown Indianapolis, leaving a massive ring of debris.

  19. Zombie March

    Around 500 zombie shambled their way from Millennium Park to Grant Park in downtown Chicago on June 21, 2008. The large group of zombie caught the attention of nearby wedding parties, tourists and the Chicago Police.

  20. Bell Ringer

    Salvation Army Bell Ringer Laressia Curington of Gary sings Christmas Carols as shoppers make their way into Macy’s at Southlake Mall in Hobart Tuesday afternoon.

  21. Obama Visit

    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, held a rally for an estimated 40,000 supporters at Wicker Memorial Park in Highland Ind., Friday, Oct. 31, 2008.

  22. Heartland Alliance

    Heartland Alliance is a Chicago-based agency that offers assistance to refugees in acclimating to new surroundings in the Chicagoland area, and help with job-seeking and building English language skills.Note, photographer holds the copyright on this piece, not publication.

  23. Ruff Ryder Tattoo

    Billy Owens, a Specialist with Company Alpha 2-150, the “Ruff Ryders,” visits a tattoo parlor in Savannah, GA, in the last days leading up to his deployment to Iraq with other elements of the 76th, a National Guard unit from Indiana.

  24. Apartment Fire

    An apartment fire, shot and produced on deadline, on Indianapolis’ westside. No serious injuries were reported, but the building was a complete loss.

  25. Clinton vs. Obama

    Primary showdownHillary Clinton and Barack Obama canvassed Indiana in search of Hoosier votes in the Presidential primary election. Clinton defeated Obama in the Indiana primaries, but Obama won Indiana in the general election, the first time a Democrat has carried Indiana since 1964.

  26. Elnora

    Flooding in southern IndianaResidents in the tiny town of Elnora, Indiana fight to save their city from rising flood waters with the help of local Amish farmers and the Indiana National Guard.

  27. Guard

    Hoosier Guardsmen head to IraqOver 3000 Indiana National Guardsmen attended a going-away ceremony at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis before being deployed to Iraq for a year.

  28. flood

    Residents of Martinsville flee the rising water as nine inches of rain flood low-lying areas.

  29. 2008

    Locals ring in the 2008 new year with high energy in downtown Muncie.

  30. The Midway

    The sights and sounds of the 2008 Delaware County fair.

  31. Tailgate BSU

    Ball State students tailgate before a weeknight game at Scheumann Stadium.

  32. Tippecanoe River Flooding in Carroll County

    Flooding along the Tippecanoe River near the Oakdale Dam was considered the worst ever seen by emergency workers and residents in the area of Horseshoe and Tecumseh bends.Over 200 residents were evacuated starting in the early morning hours. Rescue boats continued picking up residents throughout the day. Some residents talk about their experience and thoughts soon after they were rescued from their flooded homes.

  33. Demolition derby

    Dave “Jolly Dave” Thompson drives the “Maroon Baboon” during the demolition derby at the county fair.

  34. Obama visits Bloomington

    Presidential candidate Barack Obama visits Bloomington during the Women’s Little 500 bicycle race.

  35. Pet store fire

    A fire destroys a popular pet store.