April Clip Winners

Cream of the Crop, 1st Place Multi

Judges: Green Bay Press-Gazette; Green Bay, Wis.; Photo editor Jim Matthews, photojournalists Evan Siegle, Michael P. King, and H. Marc Larson.

F-Feature HM Place
Photographer: Denny Simmons
Judges Comments:
Beautiful use of color, backlighting and a quiet moment.

F-Feature 1st Place
Photographer: Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis St
Judges Comments:
A really humorous moment and the posture of the duck and the positioning of it in the composition add to it. This picture was a real surprise.

F-Feature 2nd Place
Photographer: Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis St
Judges Comments:
Nice capture of a tender moment between friends, which the caption added significance to.

F-Feature 3rd Place
Photographer: Joel Philippsen | The Republic
Judges Comments:
Strong composition and use of low angle and lines to show people enjoying the special place

GN-General_News 1st Place
Photographer: Joel Philippsen| The Republic
Judges Comments:
A slightly tighter crop could have strengthened the image, but the moment between father and stepson made this image standout above all of the other pictures.

GN-General_News 2nd Place
Photographer: Charlie Nye
Judges Comments:
Captures the drama of this debate of the state’s legislature. It puts us there and on the floor of the house.

GN-General_News 3rd Place
Photographer: Sam Riche
Judges Comments:
A quiet moment that fits with the story and works around the identification obstacles of the situation.

Multiple_Entry 1st Place Cream of the Crop
Photographer: Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis St
Judges Comments:
The most well-rounded collection of images in the lot. A good variety of images, strong details and moments. Could have lost a picture or two, but overall a very nice look at this man’s life and love for his craft.

Multiple_Entry 2nd Place
Photographer: Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis St
Judges Comments:
We loved the single image that we awarded in another category, but the photographer took the unplanned event further. This was actually a collection of images that told a story and took us from beginning to end with nicely captured images.

Multiple_Entry 3rd Place
Photographer: Krista Schinagl, The Herald
Judges Comments:
A nice documentary about this man’s craft. Not redundant and nice that the photographer captured some daily life images of Renner outside of the “workplace.”

S-Sports 1st Place
Photographer: Rob Goebel/Indianapolis Star
Judges Comments:
Crisp and clean image with a strong moment. Go easy on the saturation, though…

S-Sports 2nd Place
Photographer: Chris Howell, The Herald-Times
Judges Comments:
Tones, lighting and color work in this image’s favor. Trophy photos can be cliche but something about this moment is very genuine.

S-Sports 3rd Place
Photographer: AJ Mast, Freelance
Judges Comments:
Nice lighting but a tighter crop would have made it a stronger image.