July Clip Winners

Cream of the Crop, 1st Place Feature

Judged by: Nick Iwanyshyn, staff photographer, York Region Media Group Ryan Pfeiffer, freelance photogrspher, Ontario Canada The multi-pic category was very impressive. It would have been nice to see some more of those pictures in the other categories. Overall some really strong frames.

F-Feature HM Place
Photographer: Greg Griffo/ The Star
Judges Comments:
Nice clean frame with great color. A pretty standard silhouette. It’s too bad the fans weren’t a little more animated.

F-Feature 1st Place Cream of the Crop
Photographer: Thomas Simonetti, The Herald
Judges Comments:
Good expression on the boys face. Excellent timing to capture the determination involved in this obscure activity. Interesting tension added with the boy in the background.

F-Feature 2nd Place
Photographer: Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis St
Judges Comments:
This is a great clean graphic image. Good on the photographer for seeing this and framing it nicely.

F-Feature 3rd Place
Photographer: Thomas Simonetti, The Herald
Judges Comments:
Great moment. It would have been nice to see the third kids face. Expressions on the two on the left are great, you can almost feel what they are going through.

GN-General_News 1st Place
Photographer: Joseph C. Garza, Tribune-Star
Judges Comments:
The expressions on the kids holding the hose make this picture. The photographer did a good job framing the picture in a clean and graphic manner.

GN-General_News 2nd Place
Photographer: Thomas Simonetti, The Herald
Judges Comments:
There is a nice balance between the two groups of kids. Good on the photog for finding this moment behind the scene at the event. It’s nice that the kids seem unaware of the camera.

GN-General_News 3rd Place
Photographer: Scott M Bort
Judges Comments:
It’s nice to see a shot from an air show that doesn’t have a plane in it.

Multiple_Entry 1st Place
Photographer: Thomas Simonetti, The Herald
Judges Comments:
Every frame has a place in this series. Photographer does a great job of finding moments at an average assignment. The black and white feels right for the story.

Multiple_Entry 2nd Place
Photographer: Denny Simmons
Judges Comments:
It looks like the photographer spent a lot of time with the family working on this story and it shows with the images captured. There are a handful of great frames in here but maybe a few could have been taken out for the final edit.

Multiple_Entry 3rd Place
Photographer: Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis St
Judges Comments:
A great variety of images from what could have been a very mundane assignment. All of the shots are bright with a clear point of focus.

S-Sports 1st Place
Photographer: Joe Vitti
Judges Comments:
Nice peak action on this shot. It looks like the picture has already been cropped, wondering why the photog would not have taken more off the bottom as well.

S-Sports 2nd Place
Photographer: Chris Howell, The Herald-Times
Judges Comments:
We haven’t seen a rodeo shot like this before. Usually riders are hitting the ground. Great timing.

S-Sports 3rd Place
Photographer: Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis St
Judges Comments:
Great graphic qualities with this image. The colors are great and the sharpness and shape of the water really stand out.