May Clip Winners


Springfield News-Sun, Springfield, Ohio. Chief Photographer Marshall Gorby, Staff photographers Bill Lackey and Barb Perenic.

F-Feature 1st Place
Photographer: Jeri Reichanadter/The Star Press
Judges Comments:
Great photo.

F-Feature 2nd Place
Photographer: Matt Detrich/Indianapolis Star
Judges Comments:
A midget, a bar stool and a 63-year-old woman.
What more would you want..

F-Feature 3rd Place
Photographer: Jeri Reichanadter/The Star Press
Judges Comments:
Good face.. That’s one happy kid.

F-Feature HM Place
Photographer: Heather Eidson
Judges Comments:
My staff liked this photo. It is a nice photo.

GN-General_News 1st Place
Photographer: Neil Blake/The Herald
Judges Comments:
Great angle makes a great photo. Nice work photographer.

GN-General_News 2nd Place
Photographer: James Brosher, Indianapolis Star
Judges Comments:
Very nice light and we enjoyed the juxtaposition of a rather average-looking person with the temple surroundings. Colors draw us in making for a successful “pre-story” photo.

GN-General_News 3rd Place
Photographer: Scott M Bort
Judges Comments:
Good use of the reflection to show a larger view of a tight space. Would have like to see a slightly tighter crop to eliminate distractions in background.

GN-General_News HM Place
Photographer: Joseph C. Garza, Tribune-Star
Judges Comments:
I liked this photo. Staff not so much.

Multiple_Entry 1st Place
Photographer: Matt Detrich/Indianapolis Star
Judges Comments:
This is one story out of many that we have judged where we just couldn’t ask for anything more. Love the variety of images. Photographer gives a fly on the wall view of this crazy event.

Multiple_Entry 2nd Place
Photographer: Krista Schinagl, The Herald
Judges Comments:
Photographer obviously spent a lot of time on this project. We applaud the thorough caption information and felt as though we really learned this child’s story. We truly felt for the family and the entire situation by the end.

Multiple_Entry 3rd Place
Photographer: Jeri Reichanadter/The Star Press
Judges Comments:
We appreciated the colors in this story. The captions were brief but the photos spoke for themselves. Good variety. We are looking for just a few more “moments” from an essay like this but a job well done.

Multiple_Entry HM Place
Photographer: Denny Simmons
Judges Comments:
We really enjoyed this first image with the man on the scooter. Black and white treatment ties together images well. Many details from the captions. Some singles not as strong as other winners.

S-Sports 1st Place
Photographer: Krista Schinagl, The Herald
Judges Comments:
You can’t go wrong with a good, solid collision shot! We love that we can see the ball and the faces.

S-Sports 2nd Place
Photographer: Rob Goebel/Indianapolis Star.
Judges Comments:
Excellent moment of celebration. Image contains everything you need with no extra distractions.

S-Sports 3rd Place
Photographer: Don Knight
Judges Comments:
A tighter crop would have made this image stronger. Still, a great moment of peak sports action. We’re not sure he caught the ball, but we hope so!

S-Sports HM Place
Photographer: Matt Detrich/Indianapolis Star
Judges Comments:
We felt this photo was perhaps more of a feature and questioned whether the photographer knew this was coming. However, planned or unplanned… OUCH!