August Clip Results


Charles Bertram, Chief Photographer, Lexington Herald-Leader David Stephenson, Photojournalism Adviser, Kentucky Kernel Brandon Goodwin, Photo Editor, Kentucky Kernel Latara Appleby, Asst. Photo Editor, Kentucky Kernel plus a handful of University of Kentucky/Kentucky Kernel photographers

F-Feature 1st Place Cream of the Crop
Photographer: Jeri Reichanadter, The Star Press
Judges Comments:
Unanimous decision on this one. We love the extreme expressions and how they contrasted with each other. It wraps up a lot of elements of a county fair all in one photo. It’s entertaining, yet we were almost sympathetic to the sick kid. It’s clean and the emotions really carry the photo.

F-Feature 2nd Place
Photographer: Charlie Nye
Judges Comments:
Great trio of contrasting faces. Really makes you feel for that young boy. The other elements that add to this are the great colors, the good lines, the thirds. But it really boiled down to the fantastic expression that help the reader know what it felt like to be there.

F-Feature 3rd Place
Photographer: Denny Simmons
Judges Comments:
This is a timeless photo. It’s a great relationship photo placed in a great scene.

F-Feature HM Place
Photographer: Rob Goebel/Indianapolis Star.
Judges Comments:
This is a very original photo. Loved the humor and the peak action

GN-General_News 1st Place
Photographer: Charlie Nye
Judges Comments:
We all liked this moment the most. The lines were nice and lead us straight to the meat of the photo. All of the necessary visual elements were there. The subtlety of the moment was especially attractive to us – they were in their own little world – seemingly not aware of the camera.

GN-General_News 2nd Place
Photographer: Krista Schinagl, The Herald
Judges Comments:
The amount of activity keeps us entertained and actively looking around the photo. The energy and the layering is really good. Photographer did a nice job of blending in.

GN-General_News 3rd Place
Photographer: Charlie Nye
Judges Comments:
Obviously the layering is good here – it is an effective framing technique to get more of the same in one photo that emphasized the point. It’s a picture within a picture. It is a very effective photo for the news of the day. One judge thought the wide lens was a bit too close to the foreground subject making it somewhat awkward.

GN-General_News HM Place
Photographer: Charlie Nye
Judges Comments:
Loved the layering and all the little pods of activity. Everyone was at the same event, yet they had their own separate moment. Good patience by the photog to get the people lined up just right.

Multiple_Entry 1st Place
Photographer: Jeri Reichanadter, The Star Pres
Judges Comments:
Every photo has a great moment. It’s nicely edited and very complete. A good variety of shots – sense of place, details, opening and closing images. But primarily the moments in the photos really made us feel for the kids.

Multiple_Entry 2nd Place
Photographer: Dave Weatherwax, The Herald
Judges Comments:
Between this story and the Weiner dog story, which both suffered from either too many photos or bad sequencing, we thought this one had a better story going for it.

Multiple_Entry 3rd Place
Photographer: Denny Simmons
Judges Comments:
We loved many of the photos. There was just too much repetition and needed a tighter edit. Many of the photos were just not necessary.

S-Sports 1st Place
Photographer: Chris Bergin, The Star Press
Judges Comments:
Unanimous choice for first place. Loved the reactions of the players – it is a great moment after the moment. Good of the photographer to stick with the collision. In addition to the moment, the technical and graphic nature of the image was great, too.

S-Sports 2nd Place
Photographer: Matt Detrich/Indianapolis Star
Judges Comments:
This photo really showed the struggle, strength. The background added a lot to the image as well. We loved the intensity of the ref. It’s very sharp, clean and it looks like the peak of the moment.

S-Sports 3rd Place
Photographer: David Snodgress/ Bloomington Her
Judges Comments:
We loved her face/reaction. We really get a feel of the intensity of the play and the emotion that followed the play.

S-Sports HM Place
Photographer: Chris Bergin, The Star Press
Judges Comments:
Again, we loved the faces and the intensity of the athletes. Great peak action.