2012 INPA POY/CPOY Call for Entries

Hello one and all,

It is time to start thinking about entering the 2012 INPA POY contest(s).

For those of you who do not like to read here is the short version of what you need to know:

Deadlines & Rules, with entry form/link at end:

PLACE: Contest Judging will be in Bloomington on the Campus of Indiana University (thank them for their generous financial support).
POY and MultiMedia finalists will be judged on Saturday, Feb. 23rd.
CPOY Judging, student portfolio reviews and Judges presentations will be on Friday, Feb. 22nd.

Your yearly dues must be paid in advance of 2/22 or your entries will be removed from the judging.

OK, now for the details,

As I am sure you all know it has become increasingly difficult to find sponsors willing to donate cash or merchandise. So there is a good chance we will not have major prizes (like cameras) as we have had in the past. The anemic attendance makes it difficult to ask sponsors to attend the event and the increasingly smaller size of our group makes it difficult for them to cost justify providing prizes.

I also need to point out that I do not check entries over before the deadline(s). Entries that do not substantially conform to the rules will be eliminated. We all work in a profession where accuracy and adhering to deadlines are key parts of the job, so it should be no problem to bring that same effort to your entry preparation.

CPOY Note: We have added 3 singles categories (News, Feature and Sports) in addition to the portfolio category as a trial this year. They will not impact the CPOY winner, which will still be selected by portfolio.

Rule Changes

There are no rules changes for the 2012 contest. It remains the same as 2011.

These were points of emphasis for the last couple of years, and I would like to point them out again this year.

Community Awareness
This category has averaged 4.0 entries per year over the last 4 years. For a category that has had a camera as a prize for the winner.
Something needed to change, so in order to encourage more people to enter, and for it to be a less daunting category, we have decreased the maximum number of images from 40 to 15.
You can enter stories or singles, but the total image count can not be greater then 15. Each photo in a story counts in the 15 image total. Title slides for stories do not count.

This category will be under review, and if we do not get entries up, it may be eliminated in the future.

The John Ahlhauser Award
Point of emphasis
No changes in the Ahlhauser rules, but I would like to remind entrants of a few key items from the category description;

  • This quotation expresses the underlying theme of the Ahlhauser Award: “. . . Barney (Cowherd) told me what a photographer is a man with a camera who loves people and tries to make them feel for one another.” –Bill Strode, from Preface to BARNEY COWHERD, PHOTOGRAPHER, copyright 1973 by The Louisville Courier-Journal and Times.
  • This category encourages in-depth and long-term projects, which help us to better understand each other and ourselves.
  • An entry may consist of one photograph or many related photographs taken in one year or over a number of years. (This is not a video category)

I would like to ask everyone to consider if their entry meets the definition of the category as outlined.
Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my entry a long term project, or a group of related images (eligible), or is it an unrelated group of images(not eligible)?
  • Is this work in-depth, and does it have a cohesive theme running through it? What is that theme?


Enter early, but not often, best of luck.