2012 INPA Multimedia POY Contest Winners

Multi Media Photographer of the Year

49 Miles, 49 Minutes
Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis Star

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  1. Back Home Again
    Take a 360 degree virtual tour as the Purdue University All American Marching Band plays “Back Home Again In Indiana” at the start of the Indianapolis 500, Sunday May 27, 2012. Either use the arrows or just click and drag your mouse around the speedway.

  2. 49 Miles, 49 Minutes
    Documentary coverage following the 49-mile path of the March 2nd tornado that ripped through southern Indiana and the people it affected along the way.

  3. Excise sting
    Indiana Excise Police sweep a home game at Indiana University football, looking for inebriated students.

  4. Shaved
    Woman shaves her hair to support a friend undergoing chemotherapy.

  5. Ghost Hunting
    The Adventuress Leslie Bailey and members of the Indy Ghost Hunters try to contact spirits throughout the Hannah House on 3801 Madison Ave.

  6. Super Bowl Timelapse
    The streets of Downtown Indianapolis were packed with Super Bowl visitors and fans Friday night, Feb. 4, 2012. Super Bowl XLVI kicks off Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012, at Lucas Oil Stadium.

  7. Warriors in White
    Gathered for a photo shoot, a group of women diagnosed with breast cancer tell their stories of worry and grief, joy and serenity. They also share insights for coping.

  8. Band
    Edgewood High School marching band performs in the state band contest.

  9. Haunted Estate
    Journalists spend night in room where Herb Baumeister allegedly killed his victims”

  10. The Snake Pit
    The Indianapolis Motor Speedway revives the Snake Pit for the 2012 Indianapolis 500.This is a different Snake Pit compared to the 1970s and 80s. Billed as the 500″s biggest party, it fills turn three with racy activities aimed at amplifying the spectacle in the greatest spectacle in racing. Either use the arrows or just click and drag your mouse around the pit.

  11. Never Forget
    Flag wavers remember the 11th anniversary of 9/11 on the 96th Street overpass.

  12. Pacers Gameday
    A behind-the-scenes look at an Indiana Pacers game day. This is a team entry, by the staff, edited by entrant.

  13. Crows
    Thousands of crows circle the sky at dusk before roosting for the night.

  14. Cross Controversy in Dugger
    When Washington-based Americans United for Separation of Church and State objected to Dugger, Indiana’s 26-foot-tall cross on public property, members of the town’s religious community went into action and formed a prayer circle around the cross on Tuesday, July 17, 2012.

  15. Max, the skatboarding bulldog
    Max, the skateboarding bulldog, rolls through Indianapolis with his owner Erick Yorkman.

  16. IPL 500 Festival Parade
    The IPL 500 Festival Parade in 2393 frames.

  17. Front Row
    Take a 360 degree virtual tour of the front row of the Indianapolis 500, Sunday May 27, 2012. Either use the arrows or just click and drag your mouse around the speedway.

  18. Super Bowl Media Day
    Sights and sounds of the craziness of Super Bowl Media Day.

  19. Paralympics Trials
    The U.S. Paralympic Track and Field Trials get under way on Friday, June 29, 2012 at IUPUI in Indianapolis.

  20. The Mini Marathon in 3969 images.
    The 500 Festival Mini Marathon timelapse in 3969 images in less than three minutes.

  21. What”s Hot This Fall
    Janneane Blevins, editor and stylist for the bi-annual Pattern Paper, goes through what is hot this year in fall fashions.

  22. Butler Blue II, A Dog’s Eye View
    The Star straps up Butler Blue II with cams, for a dogs eye view of the game.