Clip Contest Changes

Starting in the second quarter of 2013 (April and beyond), we will enact some changes the monthly clip contest.

First, we are axing the published requirement for clips. We had a discussion about this at the annual meeting back in February, and the general consensus was that this is an outdated rule that is hard for the clip chairman to enforce since physical clips are no longer accepted as entries. Also, it’s hard to track what “published” really means in the world of blogs, twitter, etc. today that news organizations use to disseminate photographs. Photos must be entered in the contest month they were taken, or first published.

Second, we will swap our illustrations category for a portrait category similar to that in the annual contest starting in April. The Portrait category will be quarterly. This won’t go into effect until after the first quarter of the year so we will be accepting illustrations for January-March to be judged as part of the March clip contest. We decided to do away with the illustrations category in the clip contest due to a small number of entrants in the past year taken together with the popularity of the portrait/personality category in the annual contest. The description of the portrait category will be: “a picture of a person that reveals the essence of the subject’s character.”

Third, we will require a minimum of four entrants in any given clip contest category before the category can be judged. For example, if we only have two different photographers enter multiples, the judges will not judge that category. This is a rule the annual contest has that we’re borrowing for the monthly contests.