Nov Clip Contest Results


Jake May, Multimedia Specialist at The Flint Journal/MLive Media Group; photo intern Samuel Wilson, a University of Montana graduate; and photo intern Katie McLean, a Western Kentucky University senior.

F-Feature 1st Place Cream of the Crop 55 Points
Photographer: Charlie Nye
Judges Comments:
The separation of each child streamlined down the sidewalk makes this photo standout amongst the pack. Nice frame. Simplistic, yet because of that it gives off a vintage, timeless feel.

F-Feature 2nd Place 40 Points
Photographer: James Brosher, South Bend Tribun
Judges Comments:
Good color. Interesting situation with making a frame through a snow storm.

F-Feature 3rd Place 30 Points
Photographer: Joseph C. Garza Tribune-Star
Judges Comments:
A funny moment. We would have liked to see a more thoughtful composition that emphasizes any of the characters in this frame.

GN-General_News 1st Place 50 Points
Photographer: Rob Goebel/Indianapolis Star
Judges Comments:
Overall, this was a very weak category. We were underwhelmed by the lack of moments or compositions that would help elevate the work to a higher degree. It seemed that many of the photographers took photos too quickly, and didn’t invest the time into the subjects in front of them to wait for stronger frames. First place, this rose to the top for it being the strongest moment. Well done.

GN-General_News 2nd Place 40 Points
Photographer: Charlie Nye
Judges Comments:
A unique situation, and a sign of our times. The senator is on his cell phone busy at work while his daughter plays under the desk. Beautiful, quiet moment.

GN-General_News 3rd Place 30 Points
Photographer: AJ Mast, Independent Photojournalist
Judges Comments:
Great facial expression by a state official at a trying scene. The composition is weak, mostly because of the other photographers and overexposed sky. Though, the moment brought us in, which compelled us to place it third.

Multiple_Entry 1st Place 50 Points
Photographer: DENNY SIMMONS
Judges Comments:
Overall, the stories were by far lacking in-depth, meaningful content. A lot of the multiple packages seemed to be shot in one day, but could use a better variety of compositions, and for some, a much tighter edit.

First was awarded for being the closest to a traditional story with some moments that spoke to the character of the photographer’s subjects. We think the images speak to farm life, but we see a lot of light moments, but not a lot of the struggle. The storyline in the text talks about the “search for sustainability,” yet we don’t see that search outside of a natural farm life. Work with the subjects further to show what they are dealing with and how to show the effects its having on their lives. Still, best presentation of images.

Multiple_Entry 2nd Place 40 Points
Photographer: Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis Star
Judges Comments:
Different focal lengths and good moments. An interesting situation, although, it’s more of an event coverage than an essay of a story. It’s unique nature and funny moments elevated it to the second.

Multiple_Entry 3rd Place 30 Points
Photographer: Charlie Nye
Judges Comments:
At this point, we were struggling to figure pout which story to place third. This was the next, most well-rounded series of photographs. A couple of nice moments, but a variety of frames the tell an event’s story through beginning, middle and end. Some odd crops brought this to third instead of second.

S-Sports 1st Place 50 Points
Photographer: Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis St
Judges Comments:
Peak. Action. At its finest. Helmet is off. The play is in motion. You’ve captured it, and we think we’d like this on our front page of sports tomorrow.

S-Sports 2nd Place 40 Points
Photographer: Matt Detrich/The Indianapolis St
Judges Comments:
Great separation. Beautiful color. Way to show us something unexpected from a practice. We want to highlight that not all great pictures have to happen during a game. Well done.

S-Sports 3rd Place 30 Points
Photographer: Rob Goebel/The Star
Judges Comments:
Heartbreaking emotion from three of the four girls in the frame. We would have liked to see names in the caption, though the moment is strong.

S-Sports HM Place 10 Points
Photographer: Joseph C. Garza Tribune-Star
Judges Comments:
Humorous. Crisp. Reminds us to think of the lighter moments in sports between the plays.