2014 INPA POY/Multimedia/CPOY Call for Entries

The 2014 INPA Photographer of the Year, Multimedia and College Photographer of the Year contests are now open and accepting entries. Full details including rules and entry procedures can be found here:

There are no substantial rules changes for this year’s contest. As you will probably notice, the rules have been reformatted and cleaned up to match the style of the re-worked clip contest rules we posted earlier this year. I hope this will make it easier to digest the rules, categories and entry procedures. If you hit a snag, spot a typo or don’t understand something in the rules, please feel free to email me at james@brosher.com. The only noteworthy change from last year is we are eliminating the slugs in filenames.  For example,  you will no longer need to name an entry in this style: spn_jjds_01fire.jpg. You can now simply name it spn_jjds_01.jpg. I hope this streamlines the entry process a bit for everyone.

Contest judging will take place once again on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind. on February 20 and 21. A full itinerary of the weekend’s events and judges is forthcoming.

Please don’t forget that yearly dues must be paid in advance of Friday, Feb. 20 (02/20/2015) or your entries will be removed from the judging. You can renew your membership online here: http://www.indiananewsphotographers.org/wp/?page_id=7. We now accept PayPal.