2015 INPA POY, Multimedia, CPOY Call for Entries

2014 POY Dave Weatherwax / The Herald

The 2015 INPA Photographer of the Year, Multimedia and College Photographer of the Year contests are now open and accepting entries. Full details including rules and entry procedures can be found here:

Here’s a breakdown of rules changes to this year’s contests in a nutshell:


  • There is a 15-picture limit for multiples (news, feature and sports picture stories). There had previously been a limit, but it was left out of last year’s rules in error.
  • Each multiple in a portfolio must be proceeded by a blank frame. This is to help our judges identify where a story starts.
  • Sports portfolio now has a 15-picture limit. It was previously 12. This is merely to simplify the rules since 15 is the limit for multiples and community awareness.


  • Multimedia pieces will be uploaded to a Dropbox this year. It is highly recommended they are shorter than 5 minutes in length and 100 MB in size.
  • Multimedia pieces will include neither name(s) nor affiliations. Each year our judges have bemoaned the fact that they know who has shot what in the stills contest because they’ve seen their names/affiliations in multimedia pieces.


  • We have added a portrait/personality category to the CPOY contest.
  • Students who are entering CPOY and POY must submit two different entries. Last year we had several students who mixed up their CPOY and POY entries in the same folder. Please read the CPOY rules carefully for other minor tweaks to filenaming and folder structures.

Contest judging will take place once again on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind. on February 19 and 20. A full itinerary of the weekend’s events and judges is forthcoming.

Please don’t forget that yearly dues must be paid in advance of Friday, Feb. 19 (02/19/2016) or your entries will be removed from the judging. You can renew your membership online here: http://www.indiananewsphotographers.org/wp/?page_id=7. We now accept PayPal.