Nov INPA Clip Contest Results

Cream of the Crop

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Judged Dec. 20, 2016 at The Dallas Morning News by Rose Baca, Staff photographer; Andy Jacobsohn, Staff photographer; Ashley Landis, Staff photographer; and Michael Hamtil, Photo editor.



F-Feature 1st Place Cream of the Crop 60 Points
Photographer: Robert Franklin, South Bend Tribune
Judges Comments:
First place Feature, and Best in Show. Of all the leaf raking / leaves falling / leaf-pile-jumping seasonal Fall feature photos, the simplicity and perfection of this moment and composition speak for themselves.

F-Feature 2nd Place 40 Points
Judges Comments:
The combination of lens choice and shallow depth-of-field help separate the teacher and student from a busy environment so the strength of the moment can pop out. The choice to use black and white wasn’t a factor for us, though it does beg the question: Why is it?

F-Feature 3rd Place 30 Points
Photographer: Sarah Ann Jump/The Herald
Judges Comments:
A nice slice of life and a nice little story-in-a-moment about this grandma and grandson. Great example of a fly on the wall approach to capturing this kind of quintessential image of daily life in America that are around us all the time.

GN-General_News 1st Place 50 Points
Photographer: Alisha Jucevic/The Herald
Judges Comments:
We gave this first place on the strength of the spontaneous moments the photographer captured — the one between the women and the one between the men and the juxtaposition of the two — as well as the strength of the composition that fills the frame with arms and immediacy by the photojournalist being in so close. Had this not been toned so poorly (or perhaps not toned at all?) it would have been the “Best in Show” too. The more a situation challenges you with light that is dark, muddy and flat the more you have to overcome it with lighting techniques in-camera and/or Photoshop (or similar) work in computer in order to move it from “it is what it is” to a work honed by craftsmanship.

GN-General_News 2nd Place 40 Points
Photographer: Robert Franklin, South Bend Tribune
Judges Comments:
Either well planned or luck + skill, but in either case just a very good example of this kind of photo. Shot, exposed, framed, and toned just right.

GN-General_News 3rd Place 30 Points
Photographer: AJ Mast, Independent Photojournalist
Judges Comments:
The strength of the quiet simple honest moment in a pool of (harsh, bad) light is what makes it stand out, despite our impression that it suffers from some unnecessary overly heavy-handed toning work done to it.

Multiple_Entry 1st Place 50 Points
Photographer: Jenna Watson, The Indianapolis Star
Judges Comments:
The photographer following Huff over the course of time helped make this the deepest storytelling of the four entries and therefore the first place winner. The judges chose to only award two entries in this category. The others simply did not rise to the bar we set for deserving an award.

Multiple_Entry 2nd Place 40 Points
Photographer: Joseph C. Garza/Tribune-Star
Judges Comments:
A decent example of the type of photos and coverage you would want from on-field action, reaction and features at a high school championship game. Would can make coverage like this even better is striving for the more intimate and unexpected images that come from behind-the-scenes off-field access when that is possible as well.

SA-Sports-Action 1st Place 50 Points
Photographer: Mykal McEldowney, The Indianapol
Judges Comments:
Of all the peak action moments shot with long lenses this one rose up a notch for the way it uses the whole frame and everything in it adds to what starts out as another apparent face masking photo. Great tight and careful cropping like this – (and if it was actually full frame, all the better!) – should be strongly encouraged.

SA-Sports-Action 2nd Place 40 Points
Photographer: Robert Franklin, South Bend Tribune
Judges Comments:
The body language of both the fall-ee and the faller are what made this stand out to us. It shows how you shoot all the action and whenever something weird happens those moments rise up from among the more routine ones.

SA-Sports-Action 3rd Place 30 Points
Photographer: Mykal McEldowney, The Indianapol
Judges Comments:
Nice for how his toes are just inside the end zone and just up off the ground … for the repetition of his arms out and the ref’s arms up as they both signal the TD … and for how it combines the moment of action (scoring the TD) with reaction in a split second.

SF-Sports-Feature 1st Place 50 Points
Photographer: Robert Franklin, South Bend Tribune
Judges Comments:
The most unusual and eye-catching of the photos entered. While it did not have a strong moment or story behind it, the visual aspects of it made it stand out.

SF-Sports-Feature 2nd Place 40 Points
Photographer: Mykal McEldowney, The Indianapol
Judges Comments:
Now there’s something our judges have never seen before! Whether it was seen in-camera or not until editing, either way kudos to the photographer for either shooting or cropping it this tightly.

SF-Sports-Feature 3rd Place 30 Points
Photographer: Robert Franklin, South Bend Tribune
Judges Comments:
Of the numerous long-lens reaction moments all captured with similar techniques, this one stood out for the peak emotion of the mother and the body language of her clinging tightly to her giant son after she lept into his arms. That’s one proud mama!