2016 INPA POY, Multimedia, CPOY Call for Entries

The 2016 INPA Photographer of the Year, Multimedia and College Photographer of the Year contests are now open and accepting entries. Full details including rules and entry procedures can be found here:

There are several small tweaks to the rules in each contest. Changes to each contest are highlighted in yellow on their respective rules pages. However, I will point out a few major changes made this year:

  1. Definition of photojournalism
    • In order to clarify the purpose and scope of this contest, we have inserted a definition of photojournalism as “the craft of employing photographic storytelling to document life for editorial news outlets.” Non-editorial photography is not eligible for our contests.
  2. Change of venue at Indiana University-Bloomington
    • The Media School at Indiana University will host our contest once again. However, our contest will be held this year in Franklin Hall, home to The Media School since summer 2016. As the contest approaches, we will provide detailed directions. Franklin Hall is on Kirkwood making it easier to find parking for the contest this year.
  3. Must be paid to enter
    • We’ve implemented a new membership system through our website. Please check to make sure you are a member in good standing before attempting to enter the contest. You will not be able to access the entry form if you are not a paid member.
  4. Addition of Election 2016 category to POY
    • We added a special election category. This category is designed to highlight coverage given to politics during the year. Any single election photo for local, state wide or national office is eligible. Photos of candidates, supports, voters or any campaign related event may be entered in this category.
  5. Names in caption field are automatic disqualification
    • If a photographers name and/or affiliation is found in the caption field, it will result in an automatic disqualification. Please check your entries carefully before submitting them.

Start gathering entries now. A full itinerary of the weekend’s events and judges announcement are forthcoming.